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The USA PATRIOT Act: The Story of an Impulsive Bill that Eviscerated America's Civil Liberties

The USA PATRIOT Act provides a textbook example of how the United States federal government expands its power. An emergency happens, legitimate or otherwise. The media, playing its dutiful role as goad for greater government oversight, demands "something must be done." Government power is massively expanded, with little regard for whether or not what is being done is efficacious, to say nothing of the overall impact on our nation's civil liberties.
No goals are posted, because if targets are hit, this would necessitate the ending or scaling back of the program. Instead, the program becomes normalized. There are no questions asked about whether the program is accomplishing what it set out to do. It is now simply a part of American life and there is no going back.
The American public largely accepts the USA PATRIOT Act as a part of civic life as immutable, perhaps even more so than the Bill of Rights. However, this act – passed in the dead of night, with little to no oversight, in a panic after the biggest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor – is not only novel, it is also fundamentally opposed to virtually every principle on which the United States of America was founded. It might not be going anywhere anytime soon, but patriots, liberty lovers and defenders of Constitutional government should nonetheless familiarize themselves with the onerous provisions of this law, which is nothing short of a full-throttle attack on the American republic.

What’s Even in the USA PATRIOT Act?

What is in the USA PATRIOT Act? In the Michael Moore film Fahrenheit 9/11, then Rep. John Conyers cracked wise about how no one had actually read the Act and how this was in fact par for the course with America's laws. Thus, before delving into the deeper issues surrounding the PATRIOT Act, it is worth discussing what the Act actually says. Here’s a brief look at the 10 Titles in the PATRIOT Act:
Most of the provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act were set to sunset four years after the bill was passed into law. However, the law was extended first by President George W. Bush and then by President Barack H. Obama. The latter is particularly scandalous given that, at least in part, a rejection of the surveillance culture that permeated the Bush Administration was responsible for the election of Obama in 2008.

Passing the USA PATRIOT Act

Next, it’s important to remember the environment in which the USA PATRIOT Act was passed: Post-9/11. It is not the slightest bit of exaggeration to label the environment in which the PATRIOT Act was passed as “hysterical,” nor is “compliant” a misnomer for the Congress of the time. Opposition to the Act was slim and intensive review of one of the most sweeping Acts of Congress in American history was nonexistent.
All told, Congress took a whopping six weeks drafting, revising, reviewing and passing the PATRIOT Act. That’s less time than Congress typically spends on totally uncontroversial and routine bills that don’t gut the Fourth Amendment. The final vote found only 66 opponents in the House and one (Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold) in the Senate. The entire passage of the PATRIOT Act, from start to finish, took place behind closed doors. There were no committee reports or hearings for opponents to testify, nor did anyone bother to read the bill.
“Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism” is the bloated and overwrought full name of the bill, crafted by a 23-year-old Congressional staffer named Chris Cylke. This ridiculous name puts the focus not on the surveillance aspects or the erosion of basic civil liberties enshrined in Western society since the Magna Carta, but on patriotism. At the time of its creation, the messaging was very clear: Real patriots support massive intrusions on civil rights. As President George W. Bush said at the time, “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” This sentiment very much seemed to apply to American citizens.
While the argument that if you have nothing to hide you shouldn’t fear investigation is anathema in a Constitutional republic with regard to citizens, it should be standard operating procedure when it comes to our organs of government. If we cannot expect transparency from the United States Congress – elected officials charged with representing the will of the people and protecting the Constitution – then we certainly can’t expect it anywhere else.

The Unfortunate Growth of the USA PATRIOT Act

It’s no surprise to those in the liberty movement that given an inch, the government (in particular the military-intelligence community) took a mile. Even the nebulous definition of “terrorism,” largely centered around a long litany of acts rather than the motivation behind them, has expanded to include receiving military training from a proscribed organization (without actually committing any terrorist acts or even acts of violence of any stripe) as well as “narcoterrorism” – the latter particularly convenient, as the United States government continues its losing “War on Drugs.”
Indeed, in many ways, the War on (Some) Drugs was the template for the War on Terror. Both wars have no defined enemy, no defined terms of victory. Instead, they are waged against a nebulous concept, while enjoying bipartisan support for their ever-expanding budgets. What’s more, it didn’t take long for the Feds to start using the USA PATRIOT Act for things it was never intended for, including prosecuting the War on Drugs.
Perhaps the silliest application of the USA PATRIOT Act is the prosecution of Adam McGaughey. McGaughey maintained a fansite for the television series Stargate SG-1. The Feds charged him with copyright infringement and computer fraud. In the course of their investigation, the FBI leveraged the PATRIOT Act to get financial records from his website’s ISP. This was made possible by the USA PATRIOT Act amending the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, allowing for search and seizure of ISP records.
The New York Times discovered in September 2003, that the USA PATRIOT Act was being used to investigate alleged drug traffickers without what would otherwise be sufficient probable cause. These were investigations into non-terrorist acts using a law ostensibly designed to investigate terrorism. There was some suspicion that the Act was being used to investigate crimes occurring before the Act was passed, violating the ex post facto clause of the United States Constitution.
In one of the biggest power grabs (excluding virtually everything we know from Edward Snowden – more on that below), the FBI sent tens of thousands of “national security letters” and procured over one million financial records from targeted businesses in Las Vegas. These businesses were primarily casinos, car rental bureaus and storage spaces. The data obtained included financial records, credit histories, employment records and even people’s personal health records.
The FBI maintains and databases this – and, indeed, all information collected through the USA PATRIOT Act – indefinitely. In the good old days before the PATRIOT Act, the Feds were compelled to destroy any evidence they collected on someone later found not guilty of a crime. Note that the aforementioned data collection brought to public attention by Edward Snowden (which, again – we’re getting to that) falls under this provision. Not only is the government collecting obscene amounts of private and personal information about you, they’re also storing it indefinitely with no plans to stop.
What’s more, the FBI has approached public libraries to turn over the records for specific terminals, collecting information not about specific users who might be under investigation, but about anyone who has ever used the computer at the public library. Libraries, to their credit, have been very much at the forefront of resistance against the PATRIOT Act, with some litigating compliance despite operating on small budgets and others posting “canary letters,” which effectively say “The FBI Hasn’t Been Here Yet.” The removal of such a letter would warn patrons that the FBI has been sniffing around in their records.
Indeed, the greatest criticism of the PATRIOT Act is the simplest and perhaps most obvious: Why does an Act ostensibly passed to fight terrorism so drastically expand the government’s power to investigate virtually everyone else? The PATRIOT Act is not merely unconstitutional, it is an unprecedented expansion of state power in the Anglosphere, a culture based on restricted government and the primacy of individual rights.
An excellent example of this is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) expansion. Most people are familiar with the term “FISA court,” but very few people actually know what it is – a special federal court created under the Carter Administration that grants approval of electronic surveillance of both citizens and resident aliens in the event that they are accused of acting in the service of a foreign power. The last part of this sentence is very important: The FISA courts are not simply for allowing surveillance of anyone that it might be expedient to collect information about. The scope of their powers is very, very limited.
Or was.
The PATRIOT Act lowered the burden of evidence required to obtain a FISA warrant for electronic surveillance and expanded the overall scope of the FISA courts. Any savvy federal agent can now drape his charges in the garb of (what else?) “national security” and obtain electronic surveillance privileges hitherto only dreamed of by investigators. FISA courts have become pliant tools in the hands of the Feds, gladly approving their requests to monitor phone and internet surveillance, as well as access to medical, financial and educational records.

The Future of the USA PATRIOT Act

Do we still need the PATRIOT Act? Did we ever? All laws are certainly a product of their times. But this seems much more acutely true of the USA PATRIOT Act, which was passed in a rush and under duress without due consideration.
Particularly in light of the revelations from Edward Snowden – that the government is spying on everything they possibly can – it’s worth asking if there’s any walking back. He points out that the police state apparatus was originally for drug dealers, then for terrorists, but ultimately ended up being applied to anyone and everyone.
What’s more, Bob Bullard notes another frightful aspect of the USA PATRIOT Act: Terrorism-related cases are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. This means that there is little or no oversight. There is no surer hallmark of a police state than an all-powerful domestic surveillance agency with no transparency or oversight. While the USA PATRIOT Act might not create an American Stasi as such, it certainly paves the way for one.
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A civil discussion regarding the topic of tipping your blackjack/table games dealers. No judgment on anyone elses personal tipping policy, just an adult conversation.

Should you happen to believe that a commenter is too generous or too stingy, I would ask we try to ask questions such as why this why not that. I'll just start by throwing out a few easy ones, feel free to answer mine or share your own or whatever. Or simply lurks.
Share our personal criteria for if/how much to tip a dealer. in between hands or tip bet for the on the hand? Do you double and split for that tip bet?
I always personally preferred to have it bet, I enjoyed the possibility of really kicking his ass.... My personal criteria is pretty in the moment, like how good of a job you are doing, not just the technical dealing, but your customer service treatment of myself and the table for my whole session. If the whole package was still early on I can overlook some details. Any sort of on the edge or out the box theories or ideas or anything about tips?
EDIT: I will explain myself more clearly here. What may or may not be the short and long term, I'll call them shadow effects, of a dealer receiving more of one than another, skewed tips on both ends. I mean when you dump 10k in bj and you get a 1500-2000 tip. or deal a 30k progressive and get thrown 100 bucks. How do these, in the long and short run, possibly affect a dealer, both at work and later on outside at home or whatever.
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Question for dealers

I’ve been with a large Fortune 500 company for 3.5 years but my dream has always been to work in a casino. I have no prior experience on dealing but I do have background in managing restaurants. I’ve recently been thinking about quitting my job and going to dealer school, at this point I would take a pay cut to work in a casino. My closest casino is Lake Charles, about 2.2 hours away from my home, I would not be relocating I would be commuting. Wondering what your experience has been with dealing, do you like your job? What is your average wage dealing? Should I lean toward a pit boss/managesecurity position rather than a dealer? It’s not about the money for me it would be a lifestyle change to do something I’ve always dreamed of, working in a casino.
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Economic peace: The Jericho casino as a case study

Several years ago, I was staying at the then called InterContinental hotel in Jericho. A friend of a friend, invited me to look at a secret venue back-door, so I followed. We entered the hall of the well-preserved but long-closed Oasis casino.
Established in 1998, just outside the entrance of the city of Jericho, on a place accessible both to Israelis and Palestinians, the casino was one major consequence of the Peace Accords, that is Oslo. It was a genuine idea to build a casino there, after all, Israeli bans casinos, West Bank Palestinian cities is now ruled by a new-liberal-minded political elite, bingo! Israelis had their new gambling center, near a Palestinian city. That trip, an hour from Tel Aviv, is much shorter than that to an Egyptian off-shore Casino Boat, near the city of Taba. Needless to say, long lobbying efforts were made to try to legalize casinos in Israel with no success. As the name was the Gaza-Jericho agreement, there was also attempts to establish another casino in the Gaza strip, briefly before the disengagement.
One of the main financiers of the project was Martin Schlaff, a Jewish-Austrian billionaire, with a strong connection with Israel. That pact worked for about two years, until late 2000, when the armed intifada gradually emerged. Until then, the investment had a daily revenue of about two million shekels, or around 700,000$. The vast majority of the customers were Jewish Israelis. with a considerable minority of Arab-Israelis, and a small minority of foreign customers. Palestinians with the identity of the PA were refused entry.
The Palestinian authority had three main sources of income from the Casino. The first is a secretive direct investment in the project, of around 60 million$, usually managed by Muhammad Rashid, Arafat advisor, and the main figure of corruption in the Palestinian Authority of Arafat. The second source of income is security. The PA National Security forces were responsible for keeping the security of the Casino, hotel, and resort, with PA receiving a daily 300,000 ILS for it. The last source of income for the PA is the tax on the workers of the project. Several hundreds of Palestinians(800 if we include the whole enterprise), mainly from Bethlehem, were employed by the Casino. The employees, mostly Casino dealers, were trained for several months in Jericho, to be able to work in the new work environment. The workers received about 3-4 times the minimum wage of a Palestinian worker at that time. In Summary, the Casino project was one of the main sources of income of the Palestinian authority.
Needless to say, the whole project was opposed by the conservative Palestinian community, and mobilized against, especially by Hamas. You occasionally hear in Hamas-Fatah debates a reference to the casino, as the chief representative of the PA project. There is clear evidence to suggest that the casino was a center of money laundering, corruption, and illegal campaign financing. After the closure of the casino, there was an urgent meeting in Vienna, with Mohammad Rashid, in addition to Sharon's son and attorney, to discuss how to finance Sharon's 2001 prime minister campaign. Muhammad Rashid was in the office of Sharon's son when the father was elected in a landslide. Rashid phoned Arafat immediately, rejoicing the results, and telling Arafat that he was right all the way. There is no need to remind people who was Ariel Sharon for Palestinians, but he was the solution as far as Rashid is concerned. Rashid stands as one of the most corrupt persons to hold office in the Palestinian authority.
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Got a good zinger on a guy who called me a stingy tipper the other night

So let me first preface that I'm not a stingy tipper. The math works out that i pay like 1.5% of my profits.
I win a big pot with KK and tip the dealer like 4 bucks. The guy I beat is a donkey; tried bluffing me with A4o on the river after I 3b preflop. He goes, "you only tip 4 dollars after winning ALL THAT?" I just give him a look like "what are you talking about?" But don't say anything.
A couple hands later, he wins a medium sized pot, and tips 10 dollars and goes "Now THAT is how your supposed to tip!"
I can't bite my tongue any longer. I say "Todd, did you know we actually tip the same amount over the course of the night? I just tip more often because I win more."
I know, i know, don't tap the glass. But the look on his face was priceless.
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my résumé both as a writer, and as a human.

i will include two versions of this resume - one that was written stream of consciousness, and incorporates absolutely everything that is on my mind.
and another that is simplified and only includes relevant job type of information for when applying to places that probably aren't as interested in hiring a spiritual complex thinker and writer as much as they are the guy who simply loves working. the choice is yours at all times to read this or not.
resume got to do with anything -- this turned into a field manual on how to over-come psycho-ops.
i really don't want to stand out, but i guess it's a little late for that.
ideally i want to help form or join a pack of intelligent apes that are working together for the betterment of Everybody
i am currently 100% focused on Writing to Reverse-Engineer the psychological-operations that have programmed Everybody i've ever met including myself, to differing extents, and usually in different directions.
[this applies to everybody, whether you grew up rich and went to college to be an executive, or grew up dirt-poor and consider yourself lucky to have a factory job, or even to be on financial assistance]
my willpower to write as if Everybody's Life depends on it, is beginning to wane as i have gotten it All out multiple times now. once or twice was not enough.
i am now looking for a place to go to learn, grow, and work in a new field that is more useful for Everybody.
as well as for a place to publish these works where i will Not be censored.
the multitude of false-concepts that we have been indoctrinated with that are both anti-human, and anti-life can and will be expozed. allowing us to choose to think without them.
as we begin to learn more about our own psychology then the people who learned how to mind-control us did, as a means to get us to do what they want;
they decided on turning us into mind-controlled-wage-slaves, or as toxic-psychopath-ruler-descandants when they made their decision to embark on this.
Mind-control is now Obsolete. Independent thinking is taking over.
with these works that i'm writing for us, Mind-control has become Obsolete.
we can choose to open our minds and come unhooked from any and All of the imaginary constraints (bs-hooks) that were intentionally installed within our minds, by way of constant exposure and frequent repetition. programming great-apes to do things against their will was last weeks news.
i love working, learning, and creating as much as anyone.
the toxic-banking-institution wants us to become a mind-controlled-wage-slave and that's it.
when you have one of the strongest minds on the planet and you know it, you absolutely cannot afford to leverage an ego.
it'll turn you into a maniac in a hurry. this happens frequently enough to need to be aware of it, even frequently to weaker minds.
i'm not special. Everybody is special.
i've heard that it's a fine line between confidence and cockiness but i think that's bullshit.
i view it more as a runway - wide enough for a jumbo sized aircraft, and big enough for us all to take off from.
if we refuse to leverage an ego we can paint ourselves as confident as it gets without concern for being toxic towards eachother or for rubbing it in anyone's face
we are truly supposed to share our confidence, wisdom, and knowledge with eachother. these are things that are not supposed to be leveraged against anyone to belittle or make any one of us feel less significant, and certainly not to be used as leverage to make others do what we want. [that is to say the manipulation of people is toxic-exploitation]
i'm nothin special, but WE are.
together we are both as strong as our strongest pack members and as weak as our weakest pack members.
we must learn to uplift eachother, and not to bring eachother down.
turning our backs on eachother is not up for discussion. no way in hell do we let eachother go to hell
i'm nothin special. Everybody coming together, that is special.
i'm as confident as it gets with thoughts, but i'm also not better than anyone.
my intelligence and confidence truthfully don't even belong to me. i'm willing to share it with Everybody as it belongs to absolutely Everybody that isn't leveraging a toxic-ego.
it comes from the human spirit.
we are supposed to work together and co-operate voluntarily. nothin should be done against our wills either, collectively, or independently.
as such, painting us as working for money - isn't going to happen.
i Sincerely desire to Help
i am looking for involvement and to learn new skills - not for money -
**leverage a list of skills that you're looking for. list your background briefly - and comprehensively:
i truly don't care what work i'm doing as long as i'm working and learning about something that i'm interested in
i do not have any experience in the areas of interest that i would like to pursue, so i am looking for an apprenticeship type of situation where in the right situation i am absolutely willing to work for experience
Building/construction - Anything - woods , metals, glass
working on bicycles, tractors, vehicles - anything mechanical
farming - sharecropping is fine by me
cooking - food preparation - kitchen

also -- i am looking for artists to share ideas and to work with
as well as active apes of any conditioning level to coach eachother on liberating ourselves through movement physically and mentally.
playing active-games(sports) together making exercise FUN and EZ
i like to paint myself both as a sponge, and as a reflection of everybody that i have ever respected
with this mind-set, the impacts that we leave on eachother are infinite, both limitless and carry forward indefinitely.
after being tortured, i am admittedly still a bit shocked from it, but the positive side from this is that
handling mind-fucks (intentional confusion) and toxic-vibes (shouting, insults, etc) is not a problem at all.
i have become 100% immune to this non-sense and so can everybody else!
i've been dealing with this my entire life (as have most of us) we are all doing our best to develop coping mechanisms and leverage-neutralization-techniques (ways to handle bs) and i believe that it is long over-due that we All come together, share our intelligence and wisdom with eachother.
i'm writing this much for a reason - i'm looking for people, and for a place to share work like this with, where we aren't censored.
we communicate to embrace, uplift, to share ideas, coach, and to teach. not to bring eachother down.
we should be careful to focus on the liberation and strengthening of our minds, allowing us All to think Independently; and not to become reliant on thinking for eachother exclusively as this has the consequence of weakening our minds, reducing our ability to comprehend as well as to make sense of situations and concepts (hooks).
when we think for ourselves we become strong, resilient, and intelligent. when others think for us, we become weak and stupid.
which opens the door for vulnerabilities;
deliberately dangerous mind-fucks (intentional confusion) can and is leveraged against us to trick us into turning on eachother.
or to get us to imagine adversaries, especially at times when there are clearly NONE.
this type of vulnerability works on us, but only if we are not aware of how and why it works.
mind-fucking us against eachother does not work if we understand how and why toxic-minded people try to do this to us.
(playing politics with us is what this amounts to) when they try to do this to us; i'm not playin, and neither should you.
they try to paint everybody, usually including us (whether we know it or not) as toxic, to justify toxic actions against us, or to get us to become toxic as we become fooled by them.
these are dangerous hypocrites that we are dealing with and they are not to be trusted.
(if someone is painting everybody else, but you and them as toxic, best believe that they are or will be doing the exact same thing to you with others) this kind of manipulation of people is toxic-and-stupid. we should be refusing to play politics with anyone.)
false-political-lying has been going on WAY TOO MUCH to believe anything toxic someone has to say about ANYONE else.
people who bad-mouth eachother are NOT to be trusted under any circumstances. we can and WILL shut them down.. by exposing how easy it is to notice when they are trying to smear us. just how full-of-shit they and their arguments are becomes apparent easily when we identify what their intent is (usually to leverage us against eachother to get us to do something stupid or toxic on their behalf)
having been targeted and tortured by institutionalized toxic-corruption wizened my ass up.
we humans (wonderful beautiful intelligent spiritual apes) have been targetted aggressively with deliberate misinformation about our existence and our very nature. this was done intentionally by toxic-minded-agencies and egotistical groups, who conspired against us all, as they viewed themselves, as different and better than us. the intent to divide us, on collective bases of all types, skin-tone, age, sex, cla$$i$m, etc, is to make it easier to pit us against eachother, to keep us perpetually confused, lost, and looking to others for guidance. so that we are as easy as it gets to take advantage of; the smallest unit of division the 'individual' is truly something we are not supposed to identify with primarily, as it is frequently leveraged to attempt to make us feel alone, weak, and vulnerable.
the beautiful truth is that we are never alone
our Independence should reflect our strongest persona(s) which can and should be a reflection of anything or anyone that helps us, including Everyone and Everything. Everyone we've ever Respected, particularly those who coached us, friends, family, co-workers, coaches, artists.
Anyone who helped us in any way imaginable is with us at All times - that's us to - whenever we need for them to be.
coaching eachother to strong Independence and not mind-controlling (thinking for) eachother. we should be developing thinking exercises, building our culture through making art, playing strategic-minded games&sports as well as thinking of other ways to have fun while socializing and developing ourselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually, while focusing on retaining Independence of thought with an emphasis on remaining non-toxic.
any of our views on anything at all, including spirituality are non-consequential to our unity, so long as we are committed to eachother and not working against eachother.
my views on spiritual-unity help us to cement the concept of identification with eachother, life, and existence.
and we should have no problem sharing these views with anyone, however we should not be attempting to persuade anyone to believe as we do. as i believe that we all need to make our minds up for ourselves to get the full benefit from any thought processes that we choose to empower to make sense of anything.
let's let the strength of our thoughts speak for themselves. as we share this strong and flexible type of thinking with eachother, people will come to us on their own accord, and NO persuasion will be necessary. think however you like, the more diverse we and our thoughts become the better!
we should be comfortable to speak or write to any one of us on our own accord about anything if we are looking to share thoughts with eachother;
i will never try to impose my way of thinking, or any of my beliefs on anyone.
(i have flexibly adapted philosophies from others as well as innovated to understanding that i am constantly evolving and never focused on retaining information as i am actively developing one of the strongest and most flexible minds on the planet, this type of philosophy speaks for itself and will spread itself as well)
but i am here to help anyone who both needs&wants help - it doesn't even matter what's going on, or how mind-fucked, perplexed, or painfully-confused you may have become. no matter what, nothing was your fault and you should know that we are both developing eachother.
the more we help eachother sort this type of bullshit (our hazardous mental states) out, the easier it gets for us.
the simplest message ever - we don't ever stop identifying with eachother, life or existence. - that's where we went wrong in the first place. and consequently how we turned toxic-stupid, and then evil.
we learn LESSONS. those mishaps that we made in the past are only mistakes till we learn from them, then they become LESSONS.
everybody turned toxic and then evil, once or twice, and that was it. Everybody can change.
i believe that as long as we are doing our best to question our programming and remain peacefully non-toxic towards eachother that we are developing our intelligence within ourselves tremendously.
as far as toxic intelligence development goes, knowing first hand how painful and miserable it feels to generate toxic-thoughts and vibes, as well as the transfer and infection of others with the same or worse pain and misery, this becomes an infectious cycle that we MUST break.
there has become a tremendous urge within us to work together to stop the suffering for everybody and show the entire species how much happyer we will ALL become when we are working together and not against eachother.
i am 100% in favor of us coaching absolutely anybody and everybody who is ready and willing; everybody is a coach - whether we know it or not.
showing and telling with beautiful artwork and communication skills - peacefully, eloquently, and not forcefully why we should be Cooperating and not working against eachother or looking for toxic-leverage and exploitation of ourselves.
life and work is better when we are in cooperation mode more often, and not viewing ourselves as in a non-consensual competition.
at this point. we should only be competing for fun.
i have mastered freeing my mind with the assistance of absolutely EVERYBODY that i've ever known - our instincts inherited from our ancestors led the way by refusing to believe what was being told, even when we had no idea what was going on.
hearing the inquisitive mind-control-refusal nature of others (curiously questioning everything and refusing to believe confident liars), gave us the strength to continue on questioning rather than to give in and passively accept the false narratives continually being read in our schools, shown on loop on television, played on our radios, and being crammed into our brains by all imaginable methods.
nobody 'knows' anything for certain. so let's think for ourselves.
the ground work was laid for us by all others, destiny, instincts, miracles, and existence - and through blood sweat and tears and with the spiritual support of the unknown, our creators and our entire existence we were able to connect the dots to the best of our ability over and over again. during excruciating torture that was leveraged from an unknown realm.
if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone. it doesn't matter where you are, it just follows you everywhere. getting in the car to drive away from it doesn't work. nothing does.
my best guesses are that either we are living in an emulated existence where just about anything is possible, or that someone developed super high-tech spiritual weaponry. i'd prefer to imagine the emulated spiritual existence, as i find it difficult and painful to believe that this is the only realm of existence and that someone has developed weapons like this. if that is the case, however, i am hopeful that we can come together and dismantle this evil weaponry.
i am grateful for all of those who coached me, particularly as this torment began. as they planted the seed in my mind that if i do my best that i could get it to stop, or at least Help Coach Others that are dealing with the same thing the way that they did for me.
i am also grateful for all of those responsible for getting me off the hook from this torture sentence. i know there must be many of you that i will never meet, or know. just know that i am grateful for you all and your compassion.

if life can be scary and miserable, it can certainly be beautiful and peaceful.
anything is possible.
it truly does not matter the situation - there is a wonderful peaceful solution for everything.

the more we know, the more we know we don't need to know.

knowledge can be an inhibitor to our intelligence, particularly when we accept false-knowledge. if we are going to believe something, it had better be correct, or at least have a use for us. use-less false knowledge, is almost always dangerous and if not, still detrimental to our intelligence. believing things that are false hurts us, or at least makes us stupid.

the more we know the more we don't need to know.
toxic-beliefs leave us with biases that prevent us from thinking and communicating effectively.
we must have disdain for this type of mind-control as this breaks our natural ability to communicate and liberate eachother from the grips of toxic-mind-controll.

agnosticism is the gateway to wisdom.
a mind free from the desire to retain 'knowledge' (which may or may not be true) is free to explore any situation or possibilities and evaluate accordingly free from bias. in many ways the 'truth' is unknowable, and the sooner we accept that, the stronger and flexible minded and able to adapt to a fluid version of reality we will become

human intelligence is at it's best when it does not know.
awareness is what we are looking for, not knowledge.

imagine being so aware of a situation that you can argue your oppositions views better they can, gain their approval and then accordingly dismantle them. rendering them speechless. that is wisdom.

givin enough thoughts on and practice developing possibilities and explanations of our own for anything and evaluating how we feel about them and the other possibilities and explanations that we have heard from others - eventually our favorite hypothesises can be recalled or rather simply recreated with ease. we can adapt these views whenever we need or want to make them more senseful, or perhaps less toxic.
the more we know, the more we know we don't need to know.
it truly doesn't matter what thoughts we ultimately decide to think about to make sense of any situations so long as we are not overly focusing on trying to retain this information as a 'belief' (falsely thinking that there is only one acceptable explanation; is a bullshit-hook and that's it)
or even worse, to try to program others with it -- particularly if it is a toxic 'belief'
this has the consequence of limiting our intelligence, it forces us to think with blinders on and hinders our mind-power; potentially making us angry with eachohther and stupid as the potential for abuse of being leveraged to pit us against eachother.
(dumbass toxic-arguments where both people are disagreeing with eachother and not even hearing the others point of view because they both think their 'belief' is the one correct belief and the others 'belief' is wrong, is as useless as it gets. what IF We are BOTH wrong is what we need to be thinking at all times.)
they show this type of bullshit on the idiot box(television), all the time.. this is to prevent us from communicating when we disagree. we must be smarter than this
'beliefs' that we are unwilling to adapt become thought constraints. the less 'beliefs' we have the better.
strong thoughts and convictions of a non-toxic nature are perfectly acceptable, and desirable -- we will not attempt to force these thoughts on anyone however, as it will then become apparent which toxic-minded-people or agencies, are working against themselves trying to paint our message as refusal. (corny, unrealistic, etc) [they do this all the time, it's about time we call them out on it]

that being said, it doesn't matter what any of us choose to believe or think about anything - NONE of us are better than eachother, or anyone else.
our faith needs to be in eachother and not in any set of beliefs, especially those that were given to us to pit us against eachother.
non-toxic agnosticism frees us to love eachother regardless of any thoughts that we choose to empower as an understanding of anything including our existence. <3
(with this strong and flexible minded philosophy we can change our minds about absolutely anything whenever we need or want to, and no matter what we will never be against eachother)
exposing bs-hooks (false concepts; particularly those that divide us and pit us against eachother) is not a problem at all.
(these concepts are false and imaginary and yet still dangerous for us all if we do not understand that they can and do have real consequences for everybody when we imagine them to be real inside of our minds as they then have the power to influence our thoughts and actions against eachother, which also has the consequence of potentially infecting others minds who are subjected to our thoughts and actions if they do not yet have an understanding of what is really going on)
this is infectious-toxic-mind-control also known as stupid and EVIL
toxic-self-fullfilling-prophecies [terrorism], creating terror and division first within our minds, and then eventually this manifests itself in our thoughts, actions, and conversations with eachother and becomes as real as it gets. toxic-mind-control spirals into a tumultuous cyclone and does whatever it can to spread division hatred and toxic words and actions amongst us.
We must be smarter than to allow it to continue.
Together We can end this - first within ourselves - and then within all - WITH their consent.
nobody was born toxic, or evil.
the situation for everybody can and will improve if we allow us to coach ourselves.
'adversary detected' should not be on any of our minds.
if you are working against anyone at all - you are working against yourself and that's it.
dealing with rude arrogant pricks (toxic-mind-controlled individuals) is not a problem at all.
superiority complexes of all types, are truly nothing special.
[false-superiority-complexes are the primary way we were taught to handle the toxic vibes that come from working against our own species.
thinking that we are better than eachother is not up for discussion; ever again]
toxic-ego deflation has become a wonderful art form -
remember, do not escalate a situation at all. their intent is to paint us as toxic as well, to either smear our character or to falsely attempt to justify toxic action against us, most likely both. (remember that toxic-mind-infection likes to paint everybody as toxic, so that it has an easier time spreading)
it does not fit their agenda to admit that absolutely everyone who is aware of this situation, and isn't under it's sway-(convinced that spreading hatred is going to benefit them) is against it. advocating for the spread of division and hatred for leverage over us, is nothing short of evil.
usually they will leverage toxic-hooks *mentally ill*(comes to mind) because they assume that this will trigger
a negatively charged emotional response from us.
the next time we see this, we WILL be prepared. mentally-CHILL and that's it.
kindness can both DE-escalate the situation and expose all hatred for what it really is - self hate..
that is to say that there is always real hate for the unnatural toxic-thoughts that are running on our minds, as a result of toxic-brain-washing and toxic-mind-infection. these feelings of pain and misery gets wrongly blamed on whoever you think you are against when the real adversary is your weak-minded hateful ideology.
these thoughts have us convinced that we are different from eachother, better and/or smarter than eachother as well as against eachother.
(these thoughts are false and yet super painful for us if we aren't using some kind of superiority complex as a toxic-coping mechanism to distance us from eachother, either physically [segregation] or emotionally. superiority complexes are false and dangerous for us, as they kill our natural empathy for eachother)
the beautiful truth is that we are eachother and no matter what anyone thinks, we are all =EQUALS=
when we set our differences aside, place a restraining order on our toxic-egos, and do not let our pride get in the way -
we can SHARE this beautiful message with eachother.
absolutely anybody that we interact with can become a coach to us.
whether they taught us how to handle being shouted at, insulted, laughed at, ignored, left alone, what it felt like to be loved, how to handle situations with toxic-minded-individuals without stooping to their level, how to stay positive, have fun, play, be creative, or to share confidence with and inspire eachother.
Everybody is a coach.
if you're targeting us sTILL, you're targeting yourself and that's it.
Merrillville high school graduated 2007
*lowest gpa to graduate. was miserably bored with school
(they kept having us fill out repetitive and boring worksheets with focus on memorization when i was already developing an active intelligence)
i hadn't fully processed the situation yet, but i knew what they were trying to do. that's when i quit caring about grades and started thinking about anything that kept my brain firing including dropping out. so i started skipping classes and slept a lot.
STILL found testing and writing to be super easy and fun.
0s on most every homework assignment, but still managed to squeak by with Ds mostly as i usually still managed to get As and Bs on tests.


nwi mma academy: 07-08
strack and van til: utility clerk: 07-08
northwest airlines: ramp agent: 08-10
horseshoe casino:games dealer: 10-16 19-20
rivers casino: table games dealer 16-18

working with a team, was always Significantly easier then working out alone. i learned this while training with a fight team briefly. being fatigued and seeing your team-mates still busting their ass, makes you want to shut-up and finish the next rep rather then to think about how tired you are.
i enjoyed working the ramp the most as i was working with a team again, to load/off load the beautiful aircraft as well as to guide them into the gate and push them back to the taxi-way.. i love working with teams and aviation is an interesting as it gets to me. was happy to be there
working as a dealer taught me a lot about our species. after 10 years as a dealer, gambling (playing stupid-games for our mostly hard earned $financial-leverage$) does not make a whole lot of sense to me. but yet it still gets painted as approval as it gets in the movies and on the television. when you turn 21 around here, a trip to the casino happens frequently, and perhaps it shouldn't. i've seen once in a lifetime winning sessions, hook people indefinitely on gambling, as they spend the next several years miserably playing it all back and then some.
i don't support gambling, and i am also opposed to their media operations,
they're mind-controlling people to gamble and i know it. this was not a good fit for me to continue as a career.
despite this i am still not against anyone on a personal level, nor do i judge anyone for this, as i know the beautiful truth about life, if roles were reversed since birth we would both be doing the exact same thing in each-others positions.
the whole time that i was dealing, in the back of my head was - what comes next. i knew that rapid fire black-jack dealing was conditioning my mind on a level that few jobs could. preparing me for whatever would come next. i'm still not sure what it will be, but i am hopeful that it is something that involves creation.
thank you for reading. i look forward to hearing back from you.
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Royal Vegas Casino 50 free spins bonus without deposit (Exclusive)

Royal Vegas Casino 50 free spins bonus without deposit (Exclusive)

Royal Vegas Casino Free Bonus and Review
Here comes Royal Vegas Casino with a special promotion for new players. If you open your account today you will receive 50 free spins on Mega Moolah Absolootely Mad slot. In addition, you will score a $1,200 Welcome Bonus! Are you interested in?
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Like many casinos Royal Vegas recently hiked the wagering i.e. the play-through requirements from x30 to x50. Slots, keno and scratch cards count towards 100% of these play-through requirements. If you withdraw your 1st deposit money before receiving your first deposit bonus you won’t be eligible for the first deposit match bonus
Bonus in practice: With the Royal Vegas welcome offer, each deposit (up to four times) of $300 will give you a bonus of $300. A wagering requirement of x50 means that you’d need to wager $3000 on a first deposit of $300 to actually be able to receive the $300 bonus.
Bonus Sum Up: The Royal Vegas’ sign up offer has a number of plus points for us. For players who are going to deposit and wager big, they have the incentive of a $1200 bonus whilst smaller depositors can be content with the 100% match on their first deposit. Be wary though that the wage requirement of 50x is quite hefty.

Games Overview

Royal Vegas is a Microgaming casino, with its games powered solely by this casino software powerhouse, which has won numerous industry awards, so you’re guaranteed a first class gaming experience both in terms of choice and quality of games.
Slots: If you’re a slot games fan then you’re going to be spoilt for choice, when you first visit Royal Vegas’s super sleek website they display the games you can play and the choice is incredible – over 248 different slot games more than you’d find on a real Las Vegas gaming floor. All the bases are covered from simple 3 reel slots offering regular but small payouts to 5 reel video slots full of bonus rounds and cutaway scenes
They’ve all the great Microgaming content including the following video and progressive slots games: Avalon II, Thunderstruck, Tomb Raider, Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park, Mega Moolah, The Dark Knight
Blackjack & Roulette: Whilst slots make up a large majority of the games on offer and the welcome bonus is geared primarily towards slots players there’s tons of table games – 48 in fact, a particular strong point for Microgaming. Get bored of playing classic online blackjack, move on to Double Exposure blackjack, get bored of European roulette play American roulette. You’d be surprised at just how many different versions of a game Royal Vegas Canada offers.
Live Casino: To really deliver on that Las Vegas promise Royal Vegas provides a live dealer casino to play blackjack, roulette and baccarat. You can have your cards dealt by real life dealers and interact with them – play from your home but with real interaction, the best of both worlds.
How To Play: Royal Vegas offers 2 ways to play their games. Firstly you can play their download casino. Simply press the download button and their software will be added to your PC (not Mac compatible) The download casino option offers the biggest range of games 600 with marginally the better graphics. Canadians not wanting to download any software can play the Royal Vegas Flash casino, enabling you to play games and make deposits and withdrawals via their website browser (Internet.Explorer, Chrome or Firefox etc). The flash casino option offers approximately 400 games.
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Mobile Casino

The Royal Vegas Mobile casino is a very good product that you can play via your mobile phone’s browser. Initially the range of games that Royal Vegas mobile offered was quite limited but it now boasts 72 slot games including Tomb Raider and Hitman, six table games (roulette and blackjacks) and six video poker mobile games. Although the number of games is smaller than what can find playing on your PC or Mac the gameplay and winning potential is still the same – want some proof? Last year one lucky person in Canada won the jackpot of $7,562,019.94 playing Mega Moolah on his mobile!
You can open an account and deposit directly from your handset, with that account then reflected back on your PC or Mac and vica versa. The same security mechanisms for their desktop casino apply to their mobile with regards to depositing funds.
Canadians with Android, iPhone or blackberry devices can play on Royal Vegas from their phone which included hundreds of possible phones from iPhone to Samsung, HTC, LG, Nexus, Sony and Motorola smartphones etc.

Live Casino

Royal Vegas casino features Evolution Gaming’s live dealer casino for Canadians. Players can enjoy the ambiance and sophistication of live dealer gaming with the convenience of playing on their own device. Play with real dealers in real time on a real table. The games on offer include live blackjack, baccarat, roulette, casino hold’em, Caribbean stud poker and more.
All of the dealers are friendly and professional and some customers appreciate the fact that they can choose Playboy™ Live Casino Games. The dealers are dressed as Playboy Bunnies, which adds another layer of extravagance to the live games.
Playing single or player roulette at Royal Vegas is a joy with clear views and advanced technology for perfect results every spin. The casino’s selection of live games can be played on either Royal Vegas Canada’s Desktop or Mobile casino portal.


Getting a player on board is one thing but how do you keep that player with you? In Royal Vegas’s case they do this by a variety of promotions, tournaments and reward programs.

Bottom Line On Royal Vegas

A $1200 welcome bonus, free spins, promotions, reward programs, trust and security. As their brand name implies Royal Vegas wants their players to feel regal and enjoy that thrilling Las Vegas experience and from the perspective of this Royal Vegas review they’ve succeeded without question. Click through on the button below and sign up today!
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Pivlichino's Classic Casino Games (steal my filler episode)

Pivlichino's Classic, Casino de Ravnica
Last night I ran an impromptu session as a filler episode as I was missing 3 out 6 players. It was a success that I will repeat as filler in the future.
I had about 45 minutes to prep, so frantically started searching Reddit for DnD playable Casino games and settled for the following (changing the names for some). I had read up a little about Feather, and came across Pivlic and that he has a Casino with a boxing ring in it. I already had found a map several months back that fit that perfectly from AfternoonMaps ( AfternoonMaps ). I played him as a charismatic showman Orzhov wanting to "help you cleanse your sin in a fun way".
Pivlic sent out Indentured Spirits with flyers to the players. They thought it was a special invitation, but realised when they arrived that they had just gotten spam advertisements.

Promotional flyer sent out randomly by Indentured Spirits
Pivlic personally welcomed them at the casino (it's called Pivlichino's Classic because he also runs a 5 Michelin star equivalent restaurant on the Millennial Platform), and told about the games available:

Farkle 2:1 payout

A game from the 1980's but most recently popularized by the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Involves 2 players. A player rolls 6d6, then chooses which dice to keep and which to roll. If you don't score you lose all points from that round. First to 2000 pts wins.

Roulette 5:1 payout

Simple game, taken from Felinix here. Extra fun, because apparently the Roulette wheel was originally a failed perpetual motion machine, and I thought that fit perfectly into Izzet tech repurposed by Orzhov.
Player picks a number from 1 to 20 and bets any amount. Dealer rolls 1d20.

Opulence payout varies

I don't know the real world name of this game, but I remember reading about it a long time ago, and ProfQuirrell jogged my memory of it. I decided to name it Opulence to fit the Orzhov theme.
Each Player picks a number from 1 to 6 and bets any amount. Dealer rolls 3d6. You then compare the rolls with what the player's number.
This game is deceptive, since it looks like a very fair game, but is slightly weighted in the house's favour. My players spent the most money on this, as it's very quick to play. I could see this or a variant also be used as a form of slot machine.

Pugilism payout varies depending on opponent

The centre of the casino features a boxing/wrestling ring and has 3 opponents on any given night.
The fights were enjoyable for my players, and the final bout of my Articifer Armorer player vs the Shocker was a nail-biter. Power Armour slugging it out against the electric tentacles left them both at sub 3 HP when the final Tentacle lightning damage struck the artificer down. I also had the Spirit fly out of reach of the player a lot, so he had to get creative and jump off the turn buckle to actually get hits in. Lots of fun wrestling moves were thrown.

Ravnicante highly risky non-gold based payout

When I read u/Turin082's post last month about a card game where you bet your stats, I KNEW I needed to include it somehow in my campaign. It came a bit sooner expected. I renamed the game Ravnicante (Pronounced like Ravnic-Ante, not Ravni-cant-e), and made it the unique game that Pivlichino's Classic is known for.
This game plays very similiarly to Texas Hold'Em (please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not very familiar with Poker). Each player rolls 2d12's in secret (we play on Roll20 so they can whisper it to me), then the dealer rolls 3d12's that are revealed immediately, and 2d12's that are revealed as the game progresses. Most of the traditional Poker hands exist, though there are no Aces or Jokers, and Kings and Queens are both equal to 12.
A player can bet any of the following:
Opponents and what they'll wager (in order):
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Tipping dealers that are pricks?

I travel all over for my real job and play a lot of poker throughout the nation. Recently I was on a business trip to the Pacific Northwest and ran into a couple of dealers that berated, or said “dealers work for tips” to other players, one was a chop of the blinds on a 5/10 game.
To the point, the dealer that had been a smart ass pushed me a nice sized pot, I said “I think my tip to you and the rest of the staff is, don’t berate players especially on a chopped pot, thank you guys for the ~1800 win I am going to the hotel, good luck” To this I got the entirely expected reaction of your an ass, and too bad anyone ever pushed you a pot along with some other bating insults.
What do you do with an insulting dealer staff, or ones that are bad about doing split pots etc?
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Whoops Bluffed Off 80% My Stack. There goes $100,000 or more.. busted 152th

Whoops Bluffed Off 80% My Stack. There goes $100,000 or more.. busted 152th submitted by theadvantageplayer to poker [link] [comments]

Ultra Casino (Pay N Play) free spins and no deposit bonuses

Ultra Casino (Pay N Play) free spins and no deposit bonuses

Ultra Casino Free Spins and No Deposit Bonus
Welcome to our Ultra Casino bonus website. This is a place where you get exclusive free spins and extra money when you register. Click on the promo link below and secure yourself a fantastic no deposit bonus. Get 1 free spin every day and win real money!
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The Ultra Casino Review

Ultra Casino is a new playground that reached the gaming world in 2020. The site enjoys a Malta Gaming Authority License and is powered by Betpoint Group Limited. Once you land at the site, you realise that the design is quite simplistic, yet easy on the eye. And the Ultra Casino team also promised you: ‘’The Supreme Experience will charge you up.’ Apart from that, if you win or lose, Ultra Casino promises to reward you daily with ample promotions.
Ulta Casino has teamed up with some of the biggest players in the industry to bring you great entertainment. Here you can binge on slots, jackpot games, live casino, table games and anything casino. The good news is that content is brought to you by some of the biggest names, the esteemed providers we all love.

Pros of Playing at Ultra Casino:

  • Fresh casino with an easy registration process
  • Daily free spin at the game of the month.
  • Simple navigation with provider filters
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Ultra Casino Bonus Information

Ultra Casino might be a new casino but has already crafted some promos to keep you playing, spinning and hopefully winning. Some of their current promos include:
  • Daily Spin at the game of the month
  • Exclusive deposit bonus for new CasinoGrounds and LetsGiveItASpin players.

Exclusive Welcome Offer and Big Win Competition for CasinoGrounds Players!

Between 17th of September and October 5th, all CasinoGrounds and Letsgiveitaspin players receive an extra boost on their first deposit.
  • Make a real money deposit, and receive 5 free-spins on Reactoonz 2 for 20 consecutive days!
  • Automatically join the daily leaderboard for a chance to get your share of €20.000 prize pool.
  • €1000 in prizes handed out daily.
For more information on the reactoonz 2 big win competition, check out our promotion below:
Terms and Conditions for CG exclusive offer
  • Free spins and cash prizes come with 10x wager
  • Only players who register through CasinoGrounds and Letsgiveitaspin are eligible for this promotion
  • Prizes are credited within one working day. (winners on Saturday and Sunday will receive their prize the Monday after)
  • Players from Sweden and Denmark and the UK are excluded.
  • Only real money screenshots/videos accepted as an entry
  • Ultra Casino full T&C apply
  • 18+,
  • This promotion is subject to change at any time
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The Game of the Month Daily Spin

Ultra Casino chooses a game of the month to keep you enjoying some slot action. Of course, the game of the month comes along with a promo for a daily free spin. With this daily spin, you would need some luck and if the spin results in a win …you’re a winner baby! The bigger your win, the bigger the amount from the daily prize you can enjoy. Some of the prizes include:
  • 1st Prize: €800
  • 2nd Prize: €700
  • 3rd Prize: €600
  • 4th Prize: €500
  • 5th Prize: €400
Terms and Conditions for the Daily Spin Promo To be eligible for the daily spin, you would need to have made a deposit at Ultra Casino during the last 3 months. If you manage to win once of the prizes, a 21x waging requirement would need to be met for the winning amount and also the free spin win. You have a total of 21 days to reach and meet the wagering requirement. Winning funds will be credited to your Ultra Casino player account the next day before 1300hrs CET.
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Loyalty Scheme And Regular Offers

As we bring you this Ultra Casino review, the site does not offer any Loyalty Scheme to it’s devoted player. Having said that, we always encourage you to always mark all your communications options, so that the casino can contact you about promos and loyalty.

The Ultra Casino Game Lobby

Ultra Casino online, has teamed up with some of the biggest game providers to bring you supreme gaming experience. Some of the brands available to binge on include: NetEnt, Thunderkick, Blueprint Gaming, Red Tiger and many more. Below we have a look at all the available sections, and how Ultra Casino will entertain you.

New Games

Players seeking new thrills will love the New Games section. Here you will find a group of games that are new to the casino. For new fun, and something new, this is where players can hyped up and enjoy something fresh new content.


If there is one section that does not need any introduction, it has to be the slots section. Here you can enjoy some of the latest and most entertaining slot games around. To make your slot game fun simpler and smoother, you can search the games by provider.

Video Poker

A game that is getting heads turning lately is indeed video poker. The game combines the best attributes of a slot machine and a good game of poker. Welcome to the video poker section at Ultra Casino ladies and gents, the place where fun happens and wins follow you!

Live Casino

Your fun at a land-based casino is not over. The fun is now available online with Ultra Casinos live casino offering. Here you can binge on some of the best table games around, which are all manned by a live casino dealer. Tables are offered by Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play here and you can choose from: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Deal or No deal and many more games.

Table Games

Table Games also have a dedicated section at Ultra Casino. Here you can enjoy tables games in a non -live setting. Games to choose from include Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat, with the Ultra team promising to add more games soon. In the meantime, some of the choices are brought to you by NetEnt, Pragmatic Play and IsoftBet
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Customer Support And Payments

Ultra Casino has equipped the site with a detailed FAQ that covers many topics. These include:
  • Account Registration
  • Bonuses and Free Spins
  • Banking
  • KYC
  • Source of Funds
The FAQs can be located at the bottom right-hand side of your casino lobby. However if you still feel that you need some assistance, you can contact the Customer Support Team via the following channels:
Email - Drop the Customer Support Team and email on: [email protected] and they will get back to you within a couple of hours max.
Live Chat - The team can also be reached via live chat for a quicker resolution. Simply click on the chat button located at the right hand bottom side of your casino lobby to start chatting.
Contact Form - You can also fill in contact, and the team will get back to you via email with a response to your query.
Support is available between 09:00 AM to 01:00 AM CET between Monday and Sunday, and currently offered in the English Language.

Payment Methods

Ultra Casino has teamed up with some of the biggest payment providers to bring you smooth playing experience. Some of the payment methods that you can opt for include:
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Trustly
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Klarna
  • Interac
Once you make a withdrawal request, there might be a fee imposed. This depends on the payment methods chosen. Worry not, as the charge will be available to see at the cashier when you request the withdrawal. The maximum daily amount that you can withdraw is $5000 / N$5000 / C$5000
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Final Thoughts and Ratings

Ultra Casino looks quite promising. We feel that the site has a great UX and make the site appealing to new players. Some work is needed in the promotions department to make sure that the casino keeps being competitive. The game selection is quite competitive and the content within the casino lobby is overflowing with potential and promise.
Although the site is new, we would love to see a loyalty program being launched in the near future. This will have players coming back for more.
Support is currently acceptable, and to take it to the next level, support would be provided on a 24/7 basis. The chat icon is now always available on the site, so best if you sent the team an email to get your query sorted and answered.
>> Get Free Bonus Now <<
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I'm a loser and I shouldn't be fine with it

Hi, my name's **** and I'm a loser.
I dropped out of high school after skipping most of my senior year. I would have needed to repeat the year even if I hadn't skipped as I was failing all my classes anyway. I'm didn't try, didn't care. I'm not unintelligent, just paralyzingly apathetic. I got a 32 on my ACT taken cold, no prep. Got a GED at my local library almost immediately. Didn't pursue college as there was nothing I wanted to study.
Moved out of my dad's house a year or so later. Lived with a couple different roommates for a couple years, then my dad almost killed himself with alcohol after retiring so I moved back in with him. He got rehab. I stayed there for five or six years because he charged me rent but no utilities and my siblings had long since left so it was nice to have the place basically to myself.
I eventually moved in with some co-workers and that's where I'm currently at. I have hobbies, I have a social circle, I can support myself, but I'm fundamentally stagnant. Precious little has changed in the 13 years since I dropped out. I've been delivering pizza the entire time.
Recent attempts to make change happen have failed.
I was accepted into a casino dealer class in early March, only for the fucking world to end and the Casino to close.
I tried to date for the first time in my life after making efforts to lose weight (almost 100lb in a year) and dress better, this, so far, has not borne fruit.
Nothing has made me re-evaluate my self worth quite like trying to get a date.
Here we have a 31 year old man. Under scrutiny, we discover he:
Has no career or career prospects
Has no dreams or ambitions
Is a water-treading wage-slave
Has no assets, social or financial
Has no experience with women (or men, before you ask)
Has never left the state he was born in
Is average-looking on the best of days
Is socially awkward and has low self-esteem
Spends most of his time playing video games
TL;DR irrelevant life story, I suck I am a person of objectively low value, and I'm giving equal weight to either trying to find a career path or putting a gun in my mouth.
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Watching the Comey Rule...
Facts: I have made Crafts, Art, recordings, music, characters, dialog, and misunderstandings my entire life.
While in college my wife bought me creative cloud for Christmas. So Adobe, you got us, "her" account which she never opened and I always PAID for, continued after college. I made my own account we pay you 60 a month. your a dick
My Wife and Son canvassed for Obama.
I voiced my opinion rationally and persuasively as a dealer and supervisor interacting with customers when INVITED to an ALREADY EXISTING conversation.
I was shunned by my coworkers and one time a victim when I would not tolerate sexual harassment in the casino.
I received a M. A. in philosophy from U. C. and have disagreed with many and from many different perspectives while understood within their historical context track an evolution of human ideas fighting for survival in within the dialog humanity carries on with itself across generations.
The Texas RNC took actions to ban CRITICAL THINKING (i. e. symbolic logic) in public schools.
I have never met any living Democrat ever even consider such a thing.
I was moved to part time under questionable rule changes while the jobs for philosophy teachers was actively being legislated against by southern political forces.
I quit to open Ceasars in my Home state and work with all the disenfranchised Hoosiers and Wildcats that migrated first.
I used my retirement to pay off beneficial the preditory loan company who called us from our original colony mortgage list. (most Americans got bailouts)
I described our situation (my crafting, accumulation of media for a business between my brother and I and my job change and debt payoff) to H and R block and they said we owed 13k
I got fired for at best sketchy reasons whereas we had a recent security risk and I had a dealer with a history of lagging back from break telling me he had to urinate VS. a table with a the lid off that I was closing.
Got DENIED unemployment when Cesar's story reflected inflated write ups for the count.
Moved my family back in with my parents.
Move Brother's brother in law and wife into house for less than Payment.
Went back to work in Indiana got Mats certified to become an addictions counselor.
the IRS begin garnishing my wife's wages at a 170K per year clip.
passed out taxes on to wife's face book account friend.
Account comments suicide.
Another friend takes on the case and gets us 9k back.
Ariving home from my passing my certification exam I found my dad on all 4s acting like he was cleaning the toilet with my mom asking him where the kids are.
The Cincinnati police called me twice when my dad was found in his truck covered in urine with my mom in her wet diaper beside her.
I cried taking the keys away from him.
I took him to the doctor and they found a tumor. the biopsy "had complications"
I quit my job and carried pops to chemo until the day he died.
Whereas my father had pulled myself and my brother together to explain he was naming me executor writing my sister out of the will because she skipped out on My father's payoff of her housing crash.
Which he never actually did.
Our family was on the same page at first with me caregiver for mom and caretaker (with help especially from Vinyard men's group for painting) of the property where a 96 year old former Vegas singer and a Public library employee and her family pay $350 rent. My dad payed water. My sister since lives there rent free in hopes she will pay off her debt.
Taking over, I find that MSD is and has been charging him for sewing and fining him for his cavitat.
Accountant friend seems to be experiencing issues too and withholds tax returns despite several payments. tells us to sue Block.
No Lawyer in Cincinnati will touch block.
Cincinnati insurance charges us Hazard something that caused our escrow to fall short which our 3rd party Bi weekly automatic payment Co was "unaware" of causing nationwide to sell us to Carrington Mortgage.
Carrington Mortgage begins forclosure before we are aware of us being late in a payment.
My daughter graduated in 2018 with full ride academic offers contingent on our tax returns.
House bill passed allowing default judgments without certified mail.
My sister's cell phone got hacked while trying to buy cannibus which legal treatment for her anxiety she understandably experiences with her past.
My unlocked note 5 is stolen while installing a security light.
I receive randomware threats to release videos of me.
My social media account get attacked.
small deposits began to be deposited into the now variable intrest second mortgage which was a prime flex equity account.
My automatic payment began getting denied.
A health care account began being deducted from my mom's account. I called PNC's fraud line and the rep told me I was wrong.
PNC collections begins Asking for my dad denying talking to me at verification time because I'm not my dead dad which they have record of.
I make reports to Google and Microsoft insider force stop my phone and and restart my phone many times. get coinbase and play "Fair" dice game until the GUI begins to hinder my betting.
The server attack in China.
My account gets locked (that wallet on my phone but lost?)
we get 1 each to request ballot from Ohio each person living here
we begin to unemployment mail addressed to someone else at our address.
endless robocalls asking to sell
PNC begins foreclosure.
Can not go to branch.
get lawyer and get guardenship.
Explain situation to lawyers
Lawyer begins asking me the questions from the PNC's loan reinstatement form. I tell him about the Taxes, and he says call HR block.
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Tip the cage?

Do you guys tip the cage when cashing out? Only if winning session? I usually don’t, but I’ve seen many of the fish at my casino do it, and being that it’s a local room and the primary place I play, should I go about giving that little bit of extra good will after a session, or just tip the dealers and give the cage a smile and thanks?
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RPVerse NEW Serious FiveM Roleplay Server | NoPixel Inspired

Hello I am Burt from RP Verse! A BRAND NEW Serious FiveM Roleplay Server! We are focused on high energy, serious, mature roleplay! We are currently in BETA and are looking for people to help us grow into an incredible community! We are a NoPixel inspired server currently hiring staff and TONS of whitelisted jobs!Check us out here - out some of our server features below!
See photos here -
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Anti-corruption Compilation part 6

This is a compilation of all the posts by user ar_david_hh who summarises anti-Corruption news of the day along with other interesting news in one comment. It is linked from the sidebar->Interesting Threads->Anti-corruption. The list is ordered by date, newest first. Date format: D/M/YYYY. All credit goes to the sub's hero ar_david_hh
Previous compilation threads: Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5
Azerbaijan attacked Artsakh on 27 September 2020, making the war to be the main topic, the updates since this date are to be found in the daily Megathreads pinned at the top of the sub for now.

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Advice and help on how to achieve my dream.

I am 27 years old, in school debt, without a car, and recently out of a job. I have struggled and overcome near homelessness, and defeated heroin addiction when I was 18, fresh out of high school. I had a poor mother, and a father who became wealthy after he divorced my mom. My father wasn’t a part of my life much after 8 years old, so no teeth cleanings, haircuts, or new clothing for school (I have learned to live good will). I’m currently in an apartment that I pay only $200 a month for to share a room with my fiancé, he has helped me so much and always supports me where he can. There are just things he can’t do. I am always pushing myself, always working near full time jobs, but when you have so much debt and no car, options are limited.
I have always loved creativity. The fact that immersing yourself in passion can help you through the toughest times. Music, drawing, dancing, but what brings me the most joy is making women feel beautiful not only on the inside but externally. I love doing women’s makeup, skin care, and hair, but the only one that doesn’t require a license that I feel more than ready to do is makeup. I want to be someone my future son/daughter can look up to. I have so much to give to this world, and hope that one day being a freelance MUA will help me go to aesthetics classes, which are wildly expensive in Massachusetts. I am looking for advice, resources, maybe someone who has an old makeup kit to donate, LITERALLY ANYTHING HELPS.
My brother has a nice digital camera that I can use to take photos of my models (friends willing to let me express myself on their face haha), so I can market myself on social media when I have a kit and a solid idea of how to run a freelance business. I have a laptop, and I know how to use it thank god.
I am tired, scared of failing at my dream, broke, in need of dental care, and trying to make a life for my fiancé and I so one day I can provide for a child. I’m willing to learn, and have already learned so much. I cannot express how passionate and desperate I am to show the world that I can be more than a receptionist or casino games dealer.
I’m tired of minimum wage jobs that suck the life out of me, of not being able to buy groceries or drive my mother to doctors appointments since I’m without transportation and live a state away from her. I can’t wait to begin this journey, and it all starts with asking for help. Resources, MUA supply donations, advice, websites, or even just encouragement.
I know it’s covid and hard times for this kind of thing but I’m tested negative for it and would make sure my clients are as well. I already have my sister in law begging me to do her wedding makeup, and friends offering money to do theirs. I just don’t have the foundation range, sanitation spray, a mixing pallet, adequate skin prep materials for different skin types, lip/cheek pallets, and fake eyelashes.
I have my personal range and a crap ton of shadows/brushes but that’s it. I haven’t been able to afford much makeup in a long long time. I wish every one of you could put yourself in my shoes, feel the desire and drive. What would you do if you couldn’t do the thing you have self studied to do for over 10 years, and you finally have the courage to put yourself out there? Where do I go from here after all else has failed?
Thank you for reading this if you did. I am so grateful for everyone who participates in helpme. Kindness is rare, and I have watched so many people lift each other up on this forum.
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Significations of All 12 Houses in Natal Chart

I am presenting significations of each house as they are followed in Vedic Astrology.

First House:-

This house represents native - his physical appearance, character, personality, weakness, strengths. The Ascendant, or First house, is also called House of Body. A strong first house is a must for any native to succeed in life. When Promises are seen, the Ascendant must give promise of the event apart from principal House of that event.
First House dictates longevity, temperament, physical constitution of health, aim of life, proneness to diseases/accidents/unwanted happenings. Head and face are indicated by it. It also reflects Meningitis, Brain tumor, insanity, forgetfulness, depression, Parkinson's disease etc. diseases.
- Profession of specialist treating coma, head injuries, cerebral cases, psychiatrist, neurologist, Yoga practitioner, physical instructor, psychology, self-ventures, adviser in own field.
- Education: Yoga, Neurology, Psychology, Art of counselling, Gymnasium.

Second House:-

It represents the family where native grows up. It is house of physical possessions, wealth and accumulation of money. It signifies Speech.
It represents eyes,lower part of face, neck, throat, mouth, cheeks, chin, nose, oral cavity, tonsils, gums nails, teeth, tongue etc. and their diseases. Weak promise made by 2nd House in financial matter keeps native in financial crunch.
Professionals in financial institution, revenue departments, economists, accountants, cashier, professor of Math/economics, dentist ophthalmologist, gastro-entremologist, announcer, sound engineer, receptionist, dealer in metals, jewelers, gemologist, moneylenders.
Troubled 2nd House gives problems in Speech. It is one of the responsible houses for a person being polyglot. It is also one of the Maraka houses (which plays role in death/health issues) and play such role only in illness or at death (i.e. when longevity is over). So, 2nd from 1st house is our family, wealth.

Third House:-

Third House represents immediately YOUNGER brothesister, courage, longevity, short journeys & communication etc. 3rd House is chiefly responsible for communication and almost all jobs relating to this field (e.g. media, IT, writing, publishing, journalism, internet, broadcast, travel, tourism etc.) fall under domain of this house. It represents your intelligence level.
It is one of the houses governing longevity.
Body parts: Arms, Hands, Shoulders, ears, upper chest, lungs, collarbone, ears, and breathing canal.
Diseases: Audio-visual sensory organs, arms, shoulders, bronchitis etc. 3rd House also governs verbal expressions.
Education: 3rd House indicates Physics, Electronics, Computer, Radio, Electrical Engg. Journalism, communication, area of publication and writing skills, ENT, thoracic and chest, physiotherapy.
It represents courage/valor too. It governs correspondence.

Fourth House:-

The Fourth House represents mother. It also denotes property, houses, cattle and vehicles owned by a person. It also denotes school education.
It represents manufacturing & agriculture. In case of marriage, person is married with mother's help or with someone born at same place.
Body parts: Breasts, Chest, lung,Stomach, Elbow Joint. SO it indicates diseases of lungs, heart or blood vessels.
Education: Civil, Agriculture, Automobile engg., veterinary, farming, machinery, geography, Botany, Home Science, Cardiology, Chest diseases.
Profession: Real estate, agriculturalists, interior designers, builders, manufacturers, dairy farming etc + above fields.

Fifth House:-

It's one of most crucial houses in present times. It denotes love affairs, procreation, 1st child, speculation, pleasure, creative pursuits.
All games+events where speculation comes into play are governed by 5th house e.g. stock market, cryptocurrency trading, lottery, betting, casino etc.
5th House governs all type of creative expressions incl. arts, writing (& acting). It also shows Analytical skills.
5th house reflects mental intelligence and blesses one with intuitive perception of the future, hence crucial in order to learn astrology. Also governs coherence, gives a person righteousness.
Body Parts: Belly,heart, liver, spleen, Pancreas, upper and middle back.
Education: Atomic energy, nuclear science, arts and sports, music, architecture, gynaecology, pediatrics, cinematography.
Profession: Stock exchange, sports, arts & culture, cinema, places of amusement, manufacturing units of toys, pediatrician gynecologist, general physicians, nuclear scientists, atomic energy department, religion teachers, Pundits, allergists.
Diseases: Viral, disease due to blood cells, liver, upper abdomen, intestinal & stomach, diarrhoea, spinal affections heart troubles.

Sixth House:-

Sixth House is also a crucial house because it governs our Health. It also signifies out enemies, debts, service or business, resilience to come out of hurdles.
6th House indicates litigations too.
A strong 6th house can make one healthy, money lender and good at competition, succeed in litigation. It is house of victory too. 6th House indicates proneness and vulnerability to suffer from diseases and painful incidents.
Diseases: Large intestines, pancreas, diabetes, peptic ulcers, colic, worms, appendicitis.
Body Parts: Kidney, large intestines (digestive tract), uterus, anus.
Education: Textiles chemistry, medicines, law biology, drugs, radiology.
Profession: Public health department, chemists, repairing units in a factory, poultry farms, veterinary department, advocates doctors, nurses, dealers in leather, labour oriented jobs, dealers in plastics.
It is one of the malefic houses for Ascendant.
It shows separation (divorce).

Seventh House:-

It represents spouse, and marriage. It also represents daily wages. Other than 2nd House, it is the other Maraka House (plays an important role in Death and illness).
7th house is house of partners & associates whose interests are connected to native whether in love/hate, help or rivalry. This house is counterbalancing force of 1st house. It signifies trade, private business, foreign places, social relationships, a break in journey.
Body parts: Private parts, uterus, glands, semen, seminal vesicle, urethra, prostrate.
Diseases: Impotence, Infertility, menstrual problems, diseases of above organs.
Education: Business Management, International Law, Sociology, Gynecology, Nephrology etc.

Eighth House:-

Other than 1st & 3rd House, it is used to determine longevity. It is the house of sudden events and directly impacts lifespan & mode of death.
8th house shows serious diseases, occult (i.e hidden) sciences, sudden gains/losses, share of profit & legacies to inheritance and insurance. Just like 2nd House represents your finance/family, it (2nd House from 7th House) represents finance/family of your spouse.
8th House also represents concealed wealth, knowledge of the hidden laws of nature, psychological applications or mental sufferings, Accidents, Quarrels, False allegation, damage in reputation, unearned income, surgery, hurdles in journey and earthquakes.
Body parts: Scrotum, pelvis, seminal vesicles,external genial organs.
Diseases: Genitals, rectum, scortum, piles, fistula, tumours, ulcers, incurable diseases, hydrocell.
Profession: Historians, Archaeologists, Geologist, Insurance, mining, tax collection, Auditing, CID/CBI Deptts., pension cells, surgeons, Death and Estate duty collectors, Advocates practicing criminal cases or cases dealing with legacies and wills, urologists.
Apart from 1st house, mode of death through 8th house includes suicide/any act of self-harm.

Ninth House:-

1st, 5th and 9th Houses, together, constitute Trine. 9th House shows Father, Dharma.
9th House exhibits Higher Education, Religious instincts, Law, Luck, Long distance journeys (3rd House represents Short journeys). Since 3rd House represent your younger siblings, 9th house, being 3rd house from 7th house, represents your spouse's siblings.
9th House also represents second marriage but happens only when the same is indicted by 1st as well as 7th (Marriage House) too. 9th House shows hips and thighs.
Diseases: Paralysis, femoral arteries, Groin, swellings, diseases by increase of fat, blood and water.
Education: Aeronautical engg, space technology, religion, Law, genetic disorders, transplant of organs, Sanskrit.
Profession: Research/Religious orgs, university, Advocates, export houses, pilot, travel agents, politicians, Aeronautical deptt., Honorary posts.

Tenth House:-

1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses, together, are called Angular houses. It reflects Profession, and status, as such, also called House of Karma.
10th house represents profession, honour, quality of leadership, Karma of soul, Government service, administrative jobs, achievement in the material world.
Body parts: knees, joints, bones, hairs, back.
Just like 4th house from Ascendant represents our mother, 7th House, being 4th House FROM 7th House, represents mother-in-law.
It also represents Govt. organizations, production houses, politics, self-venture, managers.
If it plays part in marriage, native marries someone from work place or marriage brings him/her status.
For ease, remember than 9th House is Dahrma, 10th House is Karma.

Eleventh House:-

It is also called House of Gain, it represents fulfillment of desires.
11th House indicates Elder Siblings, Friends, Large Orgs, Huge Structures, Network Circle, Entrepreneurship, Friends, Gains, Income & Earnings.
3rd house ahead of 1st (Ascendant) = Younger co-born, 3rd House before Ascendant (which is 11th house) = elder co-born.
Profession: Computer hardware, general physicians, charitable institution, commercial houses, journalists.
Body parts: Legs, left ear, tibia and calf muscles.
It plays important role in saving from critical situations.

Twelfth House:-

Being the last house, it completes the life cycle, represents endings. It stands for seclusion, solitude, emancipation and detachments.
Imprisonment, hospitalization (which are also nothing short of seclusion), long distance travel to faraway places, foreign residency, travel abroad, trade with foreign cultures and people, import, export, international tourism and business are seen from this house.
Expenditures, all sort of misfortunes, hidden enemies, chances of discharging debt, bed pleasure, renunciation etc. are seen from 12th house. Some decide Moksha by this house.
Body Parts: Feet, left eye, teeth. Education: Foreign language, secret arts, research.
12th house signifies Insomnia.
Profession: Jail department, Hospitals, Investigating agents, detectives, research orgs, asylums, foreign countries. This house is very important for sages, monks etc.

Tips to Easily Remember:-

1st House = you
2nd House = speech+family+wealth
3rd House = courage+younger siblings+communication
4th House = mother+house+property+vehicles+school education
5th House = love affairs+procreation power+first child+speculation+intelligence
6th House = health, enemies, debts, success in competition/cases.
7th House = Marriage, spouse, partners/associates, open enemies, private business.
8th House =Longevity, mode of death, sudden events/gain/loss, in-laws, insurance, serious diseases, hidden knowledge.
9th House =Father, Dharma, 2nd Marriage, long journeys, Luck, Law.
10th House = Profession, wife's mother, political status, Govt orgs, status.
11th House = Elder sibling, friends, gain, fulfilment of desires.
12th House = expenditures, foreign residency, travel to faraway places, hospitalization, seclusion, imprisonment, hidden enemies.
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Discussion: Tipping Dealers

Edit: For those that are wondering the current Service Industry Minimum wage in the US $2.13/hour.

I must say, as I've been reading some of the positions on tipping in this sub, I'm at a loss.

I'm a former poker dealer here in the US, and it seems there is a vast misconception on how a dealer is compensated. So, I'll fill in some gaps, and hope that you all will start properly compensating your (very underpaid) dealers.

A dealer is paid a very small base salary - similar to that of any other service industry (waiter, bellhop, barber, etc.). This pay is accrued by one of 2 ways - seat fee in a tourney or rake in a cash game. Hold up though, this money doesn't all go to the dealer- it is to support the operation of the entire poker room (lights, management, cards, chips, etc.).

After the dealers get their min. wage salary (can be less than a standard min. wage since its SERVICE INDUSTRY - i.e. $5-7/hour), they are left to perform as well as possible, and rely on the patrons that end up with all the money, leaving tips for them to split at the end of the night. - YES EVERY DEALER IS ROOTING FOR THE GUY WHO TIPS!
Typically, this works by pooling all the tip jars at the end of the day and then it is divided up based on shifts/table/etc. - there is some exceptions for special games, where a table of high-rollers wants a specific dealer, and they request that the dealer retains all those tips. - but this is less common.
Why tip a dealer?
Dealers are handling thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of responsibility. They are in the ultimate control of your hands and the pace of play. If you don't incentivize a dealer to perform at a high-level, they wont make any money and they will leave for another poker room, or simply not care about the job their doing at your table.
Beyond the safeguard you receive by having a dealer who is incentivized to perform well - THEY NEED THIS MONEY! You don't go to a barber and say - "ehhh some other schmuck will tip him" - that's not how it fucking works! Especially, when you are the guy leaving a table with everyone else chips. NEWS FLASH - you have all the money, SO YOU'RE EXPECTED TO TIP!

Really sad how cheap and pathetic you all are who don't tip. It says a lot about who you are as a person, and I can GUARANTEE YOU...dealers all know who tips, and regulars do too. On behalf of the entire world of dealers and sensible poker players, you look like a douche bag to everyone.

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What is the most stable job that requires no degree?

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Don't mess with the people who serve you, Karen.

I've worked in the casino business for 16 years; started off working in the kitchens, and worked my way up to being a Casino Host in about 10 years, so I know all the ins and outs of the business in order to make our most Elite Players as comfortable and fun as possible (no I've never got to serve any celebrities, there's another host above me who's there, just for that privilege).

I worked there for a couple more years, even after finishing college and getting the degrees I wanted. All helped paid for by the casino for my loyal service.
Thanks again!

The Scene:
I'm out alone celebrating a promotion lined up for me at my new job that I've been working for the last 2 years.

I was on good terms with everyone when I left, and said hello and caught up with a few of them, even getting free drinks from the service girls as a congratulations. Since I know how hard they all work, I tip everyone I meet very generously.

Unfortunately this means that my old patrons/players/guests, you name it, also remember me. And one in particular (the Karen) treats everyone like shit. I've known and hosted her for years, so I know everything she likes and hates. She's been banned on multiple occasions for harassing other Players. Once, she threw one of those HUGE margaritas that you are supposed to share with 4 people, off of a balcony and gave another player who it hit a concussion. Of course, this lady spends so much money at the casino, that the worst that happened was she got banned for a year, and settled out of court with the other lady she hit with the margarita.

It sucks that she's one of the wealthier patrons of the casino, spending millions every year at our establishment, yet always says she'll never come back, because she never wins and the service is absolute shit (mainly in regards to me, despite doing everything she has ever asked of me, exactly as she asked).

She sees me having a drink at one of the bars, and decides to try and ruin my good time.

K: "Hey Led-rain, why haven't I seen you in a while?"

Me: "Oh hey" feigning like I'm glad to see her (I'm really not) "I'm just out having a few drinks, figured I'd check out my old stomping grounds, how've you-"

She rolls her eyes at me, like I'm boring her to death, Nothing I haven't seen before, and interrupts me. Her face and attitude change like she's some high class bitch talking down to a peasant. Something I see a lot of rich people do.

K: "Great, great, since you aren't doing anything, go cash out my chips for me, those fucking cunts behind the counter won't pay me out since I'm over the cash-out limit, and I left my license upstairs back in the shitty fucking room they gave me.

(I never understood why people don't carry ID on them in a casino. This is a problem that happens way too often, so people CARRY YOUR ID AT ALL TIMES) Also, there's a certain threshold of money that the cashiers are NOT allowed to cash out WITHOUT proper ID. It's really not a big deal, it's mainly for in-house auditing, and in NO WAY has to do with taxes. Those are mainly Jackpots and Promotional winners. We try to make things easier, but some people live to make others lives difficult. Like Karen.

Me: I would, but I really don't want-

K: Just shut the fuck up and do what I tell you, or are you too fucking stupid to follow simple instructions. Get it done, or I'll find out where you DO work, and, NOT only will I get you fired, but you'll be living in the gutter for the rest of your life.

It takes everything I have not to snap. So I bite my tongue as I start to come up with how I'm going to get back at this woman.
Me: Okay, Karen. Give me everything you have, and I'll take care of it. " I say as calmly as I can.

K: I so have you by the balls. Fucking dickless pussy. Oh and don't tip yourself, I know you make more than minimum wage here. So it's not like you need it or anything.
(I'm not comfortable tipping myself with clients I am on the BEST terms with, but i'm ready to snap with this woman)

She dumps THOUSANDS (Roughly $10k) of dollars worth of chips on the bar counter, not even caring that a few $100 ones end up rolling on the ground and into the bar keepers area (who kindly helps me gather them up).

She leaves, and I'm shaking in fury, until I calm myself enough to go through with my plan, and start gathering all the chips into a couple Racks that were conveniently nearby.

The barkeep, Chris (fake name), asks if I'm okay; having seen the whole exchange. I hand him THREE of the $100 chips, with a malicious smile on my face. "It's going to be a good night for the staff." I said.

"Fucking do it man." Chris cheered me on. And I went off handing chips off to any casino employees I run across.

I had to go to the cashiers to break up a couple $1000 chips, and gave them a $100 each. In less than an hour, I had given away nearly $10000, and I just left.

I got a call from one of my old work buddies about the shit-storm Karen threw when she found out I had given all her money away. She PUNCHED the Executive Host in the face and is now perma banned from the casino, and blacklisted from several others. With an assault charge on top.

When she GAVE me her chips, it looked exactly like that on the cameras. She had GIVEN me chips, and she forgot to tell me where/when to meet her in order to get them back.
And since I was another Casino Patron, that amounted to Abandoned Cash. Basically, if you're careless enough to leave behind, or in Karens case, GIVE AWAY money, then that money doesn't belong to anyone; and it's finders keepers at that point.
Even if I stayed and got caught/questioned. Then the worst they could ever do to me was ask for the money back, and if I refused, then it would be a three day ban and an immediate escort out of the casino.

I know $10000 is a drop in the bucket to Karen, but the blow to her ego is worth so, so much more.

EDIT: Casinos are supposed to be a fun environment. You can't have fun if people are constantly suing or getting banned from the casino (hence the light ban sentences). If they ban their Patrons, the casino suffers, and they don't make money. It's better to let the person go free, and have them come back a few days later and spend all that cash that they've "Stolen".

Not all casinos are the same. But at mine, this is how things were handled. It would've only been stealing had I done anything other than sit there and accept the chips. It was Karen's stupidity and arrogance that lost her all that money.

Casinos DO keep track of how much a person spends. And Karen would spend MILLIONS.

EDIT2: Not all bans are equal. I do know of some wealthy multi-millionaires that were perma banned within a few hours because of how they treated the female wait staff. We already had a heads up about these 2, since they were banned earlier that night from another casino and drove 3 hours to come to ours. They were textbook misogynists. Grabbing girls under their skirts. Forcing them to sit in their laps. Horrible behavior from 2 twenty-something year old men. They made the woman who was dealing Blackjack cry her eyes out. I knew her; this girl had been with the casino for DECADES, she had skin like iron. But they broke her down in no time.

Our Executive Director (the highest position in a Casino, think CEO of a casino) gave an order I will never forget.
The simple solution?
Only have male staff serve them. Only male dealers, only male waiters. You name it. The guys were on it.
Their attitude mellowed out for awhile, until they realized they weren't getting served by women anymore, and they started berating, and getting physical with the male staff.
Our ED ordered them out and perma banned immediately. She, yes, SHE came to escort them out herself. LOL. God she was awesome!
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MGM Springfield dealer suing casino over wage dispute ... Casino - Security Cameras (Official Video) DEALER MESSES UP 3X! - Live Roulette Game #16 - Red Garter ... $14,000 GRAND JACKPOT HANDPAY⚡️LIGHTNING LINK⚡️😱 - YouTube roulette in movies - 23 Hidden SECRETS Casinos Don't Want You To Know - YouTube How Vegas casinos wage a war on cheating - YouTube Cruiseship Casino Training - YouTube

How much a casino dealer makes depends on state or regional rules and the rules of the house. Where dealers can receive tips, they are often paid a minimal salary. A quality dealer on a popular game during a busy night might be tipped well. However, a dealer on a less popular game during a slow time may not receive much by way of tips. Also, the house rules might require dealers to pool their ... Your average wage as a casino dealer isn’t impressive at all. It’s a service industry, so when you calculate how much you’ll make, you need to take the same kind of mindset that waitresses and bartenders take: How much money you make is based more on tips than on your hourly wage. And the better you serve your customers, the more they’ll tip. In other words, if you’re not a people ... We’ve identified 11 states where the typical salary for a Casino Dealer job is above the national average. Topping the list is Hawaii, with Massachusetts and Rhode Island close behind in second and third. Rhode Island beats the national average by 9.0%, and Hawaii furthers that trend with another $5,127 (12.9%) above the $39,777. How much does a Casino Dealer make? The national average salary for a Casino Dealer is $40,947 in United States. Filter by location to see Casino Dealer salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 36 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Casino Dealer employees. Based on recent job postings on ZipRecruiter, the Casino Dealer job market in both Chicago, IL and the surrounding area is very active. A Casino Dealer in your area makes on average $40,719 per year, or $942 (2%) more than the national average annual salary of $39,777. ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Casino Dealer salaries. A Casino Dealer in the Vancouver Area area reported making $16 per hour. Additional Pay. $58k tips/gratuities. Job Highlights. Vancouver Area area. Full-time . 1001 to 5000 employees. Company - Public. $15. hourly. A Dealer in the Toronto Area area reported making $15 per hour. Job Highlights. 5-7 years experience. Toronto Area area . Part-time . 1001 to 5000 employees. Company - Private. $16 ... How much a casino dealer makes depends on state or regional rules and the rules of the house. Where dealers can receive tips, they are often paid a minimal salary. A quality dealer on a popular game during a busy night might be tipped well. However, a dealer on a less popular game during a slow time may not receive much by way of tips. Also, the house rules might require dealers to pool their ...

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MGM Springfield dealer suing casino over wage dispute ...

Auf YouTube findest du die angesagtesten Videos und Tracks. Außerdem kannst du eigene Inhalte hochladen und mit Freunden oder gleich der ganzen Welt teilen. Top 10 things you won't believe happens when you gamble at a casino. Subscribe to our channel: copyright matters please contact us at... CasinoLogistics Cruiseship Casino Training March - April 2017 student Alex Rilskii The 3rd mistake by the dealer, in this live roulette game, begs the question; How often do YOU count what the dealer pays you when you win?Despite the THREE ... The Best James Bond Casino Scenes Ever - Duration: 6:03. Droid Slots ... 1:10:21. £4000 Vs High Stakes Live Dealer Casino Roulette - Duration: 15:46. Hypalinx Recommended for you. 15:46. Top 10 ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. How Vegas casinos wage a war on cheating ... The Verge Recommended for you. 10:00. MUST SEE!! FREEBANDZ "CASINO" EXDRUG DEALER - Duration: 7:41. Street Politician 104,431 views. 7:41. T.I ... An MGM dealer says the casino has been paying him less than minimum wage and shorting overtime pay. As long as there have been wagering games, there have been cheats. And as long as there have been casino cheats, the house has tried to stop them. The Verge ... I had to go to the players club to check my comps, so I asked my boyfriend to play the bonus I just got and we won the GRAND jackpot on Lightning Link Bengal...