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[Let's Build] Attractions in a demon pleasure palace that aren't sexual

My players are going to be visiting the palace of a demon lord of pleasure who's more CN than CE. I want to show that despite his title, he represents all forms of pleasure and good feelings, not just sex. Also space in his realm doesn't work the same way as it does in the mortal plane. He essentially has an infinite amount of space to work with and can customize it as he pleases, so there are no size constraints.
  1. A casino to feel the thrill of gambling.
  2. A dining hall with an endless buffet that visitors are allowed to eat as much as they wish.
  3. An idyllic beach with perfectly white sand to relax or play on.
  4. An arena where gladiators brawl it out against each other. The point of it isn't to kill each other as much as make the battles look stunning to the audience.
  5. A hotel with the most comfortable beds possible. Here anyone with enough money can enjoy a good rest after all the excitement.
  6. A beautiful and well tended garden filled with aromatic flowers and sweet fruits.
  7. A vineyard where exquisitely-aged wine can be produced just by pressing the grapes. (u/_SovietMudkip_)
  8. A petting zoo full of the babies of dangerous creatures. (u/_SovietMudkip_)
  9. An opulent concert hall where the best musicians of the realms perform (u/_SovietMudkip_)
  10. A small, cozy looking wooden library, with a cushioned bay window where rain gently scatters against the glass and a cup of some hot liquid gently rising with steam. (u/QuietOracle)
  11. An owl-bear hugging zoo. Go to sleep in the embrace of their soft down. (u/QuietOracle)
  12. The room of sensory experiences. The room itself is fairly plain, with the main feature being long tables running the length of the room. On closer inspection there are fist-sized carved holes, each one holding a small round crystal... (u/QuietOracle)
  13. A room with dozens of sacks filled with beans, lentils and grains where visitors can put their hands in and let the contents run through their fingers. (u/_WhiteCubeCat_)
  14. A hag (or any other long nailed creature) giving visitors a scalp massage. (u/_WhiteCubeCat_)
  15. A museum of little-known or long-forgotten art pieces, sculptures, and history. (u/MoonlightMancer)
  16. A festival full of colors, music, and drinks. Everyone seems to love you, and you can’t stop laughing. (u/MoonlightMancer)
  17. A hallway of endless doors. In each room is someone you know, complimenting you endlessly, sharing every positive, even begrudgingly jealous thought they ever had about you. (u/MoonlightMancer)
  18. A room full of bubble wrap. (u/EmmaDrake)
  19. A hot spring/spa, with fluffy towels, those showers that are like rain with perfect water pressure, mud baths, and refreshing food and drink. (u/lionesslindsey)
  20. A room full of people that constantly give you validation and laugh at all your jokes. (u/CountryJeff)
  21. Never-ending line of gold chalices, crystal vases, silver artwork, and other valuables. (u/PutridMeatPuppet)
  22. People who are “better” than you are marched in a stripped of their superior qualities. Beautiful people are disfigured and turned ugly. Wealthy powerful people are ruined and made to beg you for pennies. (u/PutridMeatPuppet)
  23. Mass groups of people enter the room and tell you how they admire you and how wonderful you are. They stroke your ego and inflate your pride. (u/PutridMeatPuppet)
  24. Servants do everything for you. Feed you, give you drinks, wash you, wipe your arse, etc. (u/PutridMeatPuppet)
  25. You are given a wickedly barbed leather whip. A slave creature is bound to a post and you can whip this creature to inflict your wrath upon them as much as you desire. If the poor soul dies, another is brought in to replace them. (u/PutridMeatPuppet)
  26. 'Knight for a day'. The full experience; lance, shiny outfit, a squire, a trusty stead, a dragon and a princess/prince to rescue. (u/mr_earthman)
  27. The magical equivalent of a holo deck (u/cyber-viper)
  28. Wide, flat plain with the fastest vehicles in the multiverse (a good place to use the Avernus vehicles) (u/Clickclacktheblueguy)
  29. A selection of cities and villages for you to destroy with war machines or your own magic. (u/Clickclacktheblueguy)
  30. A collection of wand that allow you to test out powerful magic. (u/Clickclacktheblueguy)
  31. A magical version of a movie theatre, allowing you to watch all manner of stories, true and legendary. (u/Clickclacktheblueguy)
  32. A moderately large pool where small battleships with tiny animated crewmen can be deployed in teams to shell and board each other for the audience's amusement. Honored guests can put their strategic abilities to a test against other players by directly giving orders to their ships, and in certain hours guests may even swim in the pool to live out the power fantasy of being a sea monster. (u/VIixIXine)
  33. A colorizer-device that transforms any clothes/armoweapons/other gear to any desired hue you wish (as long as it doesn’t affect the workings of the gear) (u/PaigeOrion)
  34. A grand screen, showing a nearly infinite number of (screen)plays from all space and time, including the show with the disgraced human paladin delivering a green baby gnome back to his home land through incredible odds. (u/PaigeOrion)
  35. A tiara that allows you to experience the sensory experience of a black cat as long as you wear it and close your eyes. (u/PaigeOrion)
  36. A plethora of small, multicolored blocks that will magically interlock with one another to render almost any architectural structure imaginable. (But don’t step on them barefoot!) (u/PaigeOrion)
  37. A band of musicians who are the perfect musical backup for any performances. Alone, they are more low key, but no less skilled, playing haunting melodies of unknown origin. (u/PaigeOrion)
  38. A massive walk-in closet where you can try in any clothes in any fashion you like. (u/Tezla44)
  39. A "schadenfreude" theatre, with shows that rely on slapstick and cringe comedy. (u/Martinus_XIV)
  40. A REALLY good chocolate fountain (u/BrokenBanette)
  41. A room designed to give you closure. When you enter this room, someone you loved and lost is there, sitting in a couch. The room feels vaguely familiar, but you can't place why. If Detect Magic is used, the room is full of magic (divination, transmutation, illusion) but the person seems like a normal person. You can chat with them for as long as you like. They behave just as you remember them, with the good and the bad. (u/ohsurenerd)
  42. A theatre performing the most magnificent tragedies. When you watch the performance, you find yourself completely enraptured: you cheer when things go right, scream when something terrifying happens, and moan and weep at the inevitable horrible ending. When you leave, it feels like removing a backpack full of lead that you'd been carrying for so long you'd forgotten it was there. (u/ohsurenerd)
  43. A room where there's a button, there's someone outside and it explains that if you enter there's a 50/50 chance of you dying or not, the room won't actually kill you and it's there just to make you feel the pleasure of near death experience. (u/SupremeGodDictator)
  44. A massage parlor with the universes best staff pampering your every need as you receive the most relaxing massage of your life whether it be scalp, back, foot, full body, etc. Has the worlds fluffiest towels and robes to luxuriate in while you wait or if you simply want to sit in a comfy chair and enjoy your ache free muscles. (u/Blue_Mando)
  45. An arena where you and your opponents heal near instantly, and you can fight endlessly (u/ellen-the-educator)
  46. A reenactment of your greatest failures in life, but this time they turn into your greatest achievements. (u/CountryJeff)
  47. A room with the world's finest works of art.... and a myriad of implements you can use to destroy them. (u/redrosebeetle)
  48. A torture chamber with mages on hand to create illusions of the people you wish to torture. Or increasingly realistic versions of them, depending on the level of magic you wish to implement. (u/redrosebeetle)
  49. A room full of gold and jewels you can roll around in, ala Scrooge McDuck. But woe betide anyone who tries to take a souvenir.... (u/redrosebeetle)
  50. As you're walking through the gardens, a person comes up to you. They introduce themselves as an adventurer who's also here on a quest. They seem to be the same class as you, and they're incredibly attractive-- almost exactly your type. You immediately click and end up spending the day together, talking about everything and anything. You tell them things you've never told anyone else before. They understand everything you tell them, almost innately, but they're still impressed by your feats and your stories. The two of you find an empty bedroom and close the door behind you. It's perfect in its imperfections. In the morning they're gone. No matter where you look, you can't find them. (u/ohsurenerd)
  51. A room lined with shelves and shelves of bottles and vials containing a crimson liquid flowing slowly (like a syrup), all with small labels on them. As you inspect the labels, you realize they've all got names on them: famous adventurers, kings and queens, great sages. If you drink one, you experience a selection of their memories as they experienced them: battles won, discoveries made, historical alliances and friendships being forged or broken... (u/ohsurenerd)
  52. A room that turns anyone that enters it into a child. It is full of every toy imaginable (u/arual_x)
  53. A tour of a chocolate factory. Kobolds work there, and the owner, who gives the tour, is a Metallic Dragon in Humanoid form. (u/arual_x)
  54. A fortune teller who has a Deck of Many Things with only the good cards. If you in any way offend them, they will sleight of hand vs perception check slip you a bad card instead. (u/arual_x)
  55. An island theme park of reanimated dinosaurs. The owner is a level 20 Necromancer called Hamm Johnand. (u/arual_x)
  56. A Virtual Reality style game that allows you to battle horrible monsters over and over again without risk of injury physical. But still allows you to gain XP... (u/arual_x)
  57. A perfect expanse of thick snowy ground. There is constantly a snowball fight going on. (u/arual_x)
  58. A giant room full of mattresses where everyone immediately gets a wonderful massage. (u/Revanclaw-and-memes)
  59. A room where you get to torture all of your worst enemies (u/Revanclaw-and-memes)
  60. A room where people applaud you, give you a trophy, etc (u/Revanclaw-and-memes)
  61. A room where you get something that was denied to you (u/Revanclaw-and-memes)
  62. A room full of gold and exquisite things, from beautiful furniture to magic weapons (u/Revanclaw-and-memes)
  63. A seemingly endless room where adventurers can drink a potion to grow wings and flit about to their hearts' delight (u/iriedashur)
  64. An ordinary classroom containing the adventurer's childhood friends, enemies, and their most hated teacher. Upon entering the room, the adventurer discovers that they are invisible, and free to pull pranks as they wish (u/iriedashur)
  65. A brightly colored room piled high with wrapped gifts, large and small, for the adventurers to open endlessly (u/iriedashur)
  66. A purple and black dragon named Ace who cooks you garlic bread and cake. (u/sanorace)
  67. A magic pair of goggles/glasses that simulate any “What if” question you pose to them. (u/lewiscann)
  68. A magical weather room where you can ask for any weather for your pleasure (I love listening to rain) (u/lewiscann)
  69. A room full of lounges with a floating slow burning piece of wood that warms the whole area, the piece of wood is so large you can see the flame spread through this piece of wood forever (u/lewiscann)
  70. A room where you can bite your fingernails and they grow back instantly ( so you can bite them some more )(u/razenastie)
  71. A room with incredibly weakened versions of powerful monsters. (u/Your_InsideMan)
  72. A vast room on wooden sculptures, oil, and torches. (u/Your_InsideMan)
  73. A zoo of sentient races (u/Paralytica)
  74. A collection of legendary heroes magically transfixed in blocks of ice. (u/Paralytica)
  75. Palanquin rentals (u/Paralytica)
  76. A booth that will remake your face whilst in the palace (ostensibly to make you more beautiful but it could be used for anything) (u/Paralytica)
  77. A magic chair that gives really good back massages (u/TenNinetythree)
  78. A playground where the slides and carousels are for adults (u/TenNinetythree)
  79. A room where you become a giant and can destroy cities and fortresses kaiju style. (u/Paralytica)
  80. Drug Olympics. A room with every drug imaginable to try. Leaving the room cleanses you of their effects. (u/Skitsafrit)
  81. No Pauses. A room that has the effect of making all conversations flow perfectly. No silence stretches too long, no one mishears you, and every topic segways perfectly into the next. (u/Skitsafrit)
  82. Deprivation Room. The room is so absolutely featureless and quiet, that you can meditate magnitudes better here than anywhere else. (u/Skitsafrit)
  83. A games room where you play against your perfect match (u/Nesurame)
  84. Similar to the previous, a games room where you're matched against nothing but weaker opponents (u/Nesurame)
  85. A smoky, dreamweed hookah lounge (u/reallyenjoyscarbs)
  86. A heist simulator where you always get away with the big diamond, chest, etc (thrill of theft) (u/reallyenjoyscarbs)
  87. A sauna room with a central pillar. Inside the pillar is a chamber containing a magic stone which can detect the exact temperature preferences of those inside, and making each person feel said preference. (u/TgagHammerstrike)
  88. An oval-shaped room with countless glass lotion bottles, with each smelling better than the last. If you look for a specific scent (no matter how rare), you'll certainly find it with the help of a goblin near the back of the room. (u/TgagHammerstrike)
  89. A room that consists of A bunch of mortals so utterly jaded from years of plesure seeking that they need the hardest of drugs and the wildest of sensations to feel anything,with lesser demons feeding on their pursuit of euphoria. Think the emperors children from warhammer 40k. (u/TgagHammerstrike)
  90. A buffet of the lids of yogurt/pudding cups to lick. (u/Hunter37594)
  91. An olfactory room that reads your memories and replicates smells that remind you of your most joyous moments. (u/lecorbusianus)
  92. A wildlife reserve for Druids to find new and exotic wild shapes. (u/lecorbusianus)
  93. A room with musical instruments that you're able to master immediately. (u/lecorbusianus)
  94. Zero gravity obstacle course. (u/lecorbusianus)
  95. A cooking class taught by a master chef that always seems to have enough time to guide you one-on-one. (u/lecorbusianus)
  96. An enchanter who allows you to relieve the best moments of your life over and over again. (u/lecorbusianus)
  97. An illusionary room that brings up past experiences and let’s you make different choices to fix mistakes or win arguments. (u/The_Rhibo)
  98. A murder simulator to allow an individual to live out the fantasy of killing that special someone. (u/Brann_The_Kid)
  99. A library full of blackmail and secret knowledge regarding historical and political figures. A conniving, plotting character’s dream! (u/MoonlightMancer)
  100. A room where you can see colors that shouldn't exist. (u/Clickclacktheblueguy)
  101. A room with a creature in a dark robe sitting at a table covered in maps and dice. He helps you play a strange game where you and your party make up characters that go on adventures while the robed creature acts as all of the other characters and determines new events. (u/Clickclacktheblueguy)
  102. ...
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My first abbreviated experience

Well, my SO (28M) and I (28F) just got back from our first cruise. We sailed the Carnival Fantasy from Miami to Nassau to Half Moon Cay and back to Miami. 4 days. Overall, we loved it and are already planning to start saving for our next cruise.
The ship:
The Fantasy was a slightly older, out of date, smaller boat but it was still great. There was lots to do and the staff were amazing. We would definitely sail her again but we would like to try another one. There were lots of different good choices and always tons to eat. The room was nice and not as small as I expected. The shower was the best shower I've ever used that wasn't my own. It was a little confusing finding our way around but it didn't take long to learn our way around. Still not 100% sure we saw everything haha. The elevators were quite slow certain times of the day but overall not too bad. I wore smooth bottomed sandals and they were super slippery on a few of the floors so ladies plan accordingly.
The pizza rest. was good. Not many choices of pizzas and the caesar salad had a strong flavour (possibly anchovies) that neither of us liked. The crust was super thin which made the pizza crusty not soft and doughy. The Guys burger joint was delicious. The fries were amazing but they gave you a small portion. However if you ask for more they'll give it to you. The taco rest. was super delicious too. I had the chicken tacos and went back for seconds. My only complaint there was the shells were small and they gave you a lot of meat so it was super messy by time you got your toppings on. The buffet was pretty good. The theme changed for every lunch. Some I tried and some I didn't. I just walked around to see if it appealed to me. The supper buffet always had something I liked. And the breakfast buffet was awesome. The sit down dining rest's were amazing. We didn't go the first 2 nights because we expected to be stuck at a large group table which isn't our thing. Once we went on the 3rd night we regretted our decision not to go sooner. The dining staff were excellent. We were lucky enough to get a private table just to us. I personally recommend the spring rolls appetizer. So delicious! The ice cream, desserts and fruit at the buffet was also good. Lots of choices that change nightly (at least for the desserts). Was slightly disappointed in some of the fruit. Was expecting more ripe and flavourful but it was still good. Room service was also great and timely. I ordered a blt sandwich one night, it was a little soggy but only because the bread was so fresh. Lots of bacon on it though. Was not disappointed. I didn't try the burritos or the deli. We also didn't go to any of the bars (not big drinkers) however the drinks all looked yummy. Expensive though. There is unlimited water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate & juice. We brought out own cups with covers and it was great.
We went to 1 comedy show. I think his name was BT. Very funny. We went to 1 musical show on the last night and instantly regretted not going to every show all week. We went to a love and marriage show too and it was super funny. That guy answering to throat to something his wife wished was bigger was hysterical! We caught the tail end of the hasbro game night which was cool and looked to have some decent prizes. The pool was kind of small but nice and cool. Lots of lounge chairs to relax in. We didn't do any of the clubs or bars or the casino. We're not party/drink people. And there is smoking in the casino and I have asthma so we avoided there. I'm sure I'm forgetting something in this category but I can't remember. We honestly were kind of bored during the day but the evening was jammed pack with stuff to do.
Our first stop was Nassau. It had beautiful architecture. If you don't have money for an excursion or a map of the historic walking tour I'd head to the beach. About a 10 min walk. It wasn't huge or spectacular but it was nice. Lots of people asking you to book a tour with them or go in their shop or buy what ever they have. One woman put a bracelet on me, said they're for everyone, claimed disabled kids made them and the demanded a $5 donation, which I honestly didn't have, so she took it back off and was half rude to me. We were about 3 hours late leaving Nassau. Not 100% sure why. Think someone possibly was late coming back to the boat. We sailed quite fast to make our next port. Our 2nd port was Half Moon Cay. I want to live there on the beach! So beautiful. I could have floated in the water all day. I normally don't swim in open water out of fear of well everything but the water was crystal clear. And other than seaweed I saw nothing in the water. The excursions looked cool (we couldn't afford them though) but we just went to the beach. They have a cool kid area and a pirate ship bar and beach massages. The beach goes on forever. Their were cabanas and clamshell shades for rent. And free lounge chairs for everyone. We rented a clamshell ($25 US) but it was kind of a waste. It covered 2 chairs but there was lots of free shade we could have gone under for the few times we weren't in the water. They hosted a BBQ lunch which we didn't stay for. If you want a clamshell though they book up fast. I so wish I could go back on our own for a vacation just there but I think you can only go there for Carnival cruises. Not sure though.
Everybody was super friendly and helpful. Our room attendant and our waiter in the dining hall remembered our names very quickly. The entertainment staff were awesome at their jobs. There was the odd staff that didn't seem too happy to be there but overall everyone was great.
Faster to the fun:
We prepaid extra (about $50) to get a faster to the fun sticker. It was totally worth it. We got to skip basically every line boarding. Our room was ready when we got there. Our bags were amongst the first delivered. We got priority dining requests. A dedicated guest services number and line. And we were supposed to get priority disembarkment. That didn't go as planned and was probably my only real complaint for the entire trip. They told us to be in the big lounge with all our luggage at 8. We were supposed to be the first off the ship once the ship was cleared by customs. They were supposed to come get us from the lounge when customs was ready. Unfortunately that's not what happened. At one point we looked and everyone was suddenly headed down the stairs. It was a huge unorganized mess and very disappointing.
-On day or arrival, there is lunch at the buffet and burger joint but it's sooooooo busy and crowded that we wished we ate before getting on the boat.
-breakfast at the buffet was super busy except for first thing in the am when they open.
-the fun shops are sometimes better priced than the ports so check them out before buying stuff at the ports.
-go to the shows! They're awesome.
-tip you're room attendant a little extra and don't be afraid to ask for stuff. They're great! We left ours some treats and trinkets from our home country (Canada) such as stickers, books and flag pins. He seemed very grateful.
-don't over pack. You won't use half of what you think you will and dragging heavy luggage off the boat on the last day is no fun. We each had a large checked bag and a carry on. We probably could have made due with 1 checked bag.
-pack light summer clothes in your carry on. I wore sneakers during our travel and packed my flip flops in my checked bag. Major regret. I wanted my sandals so bad. Also pack a swim suit in case the first thing you decide to do is swim. And after hot morning of travelling you'll probably want to.
-if you have kids who can't sit still or behave, don't take them to the dining hall. The buffet has basically the same foods and they'll probably enjoy it more than having to sit still and quiet for a meal. And let's be honest, everyone in the dining hall will appreciate it! You could also take them to one of the kid camp things. They looked like fun.
-it's totally possible to not spend any extra money and still have tons of fun. We didn't buy any pictures (photographers everywhere wanting to snap your photo), pop (soda for my American friends), alcohol, excursions, casono chips, etc. Doing those things is great if you have the money but not everyone does. For those who don't, no worries, you'll still have a good time!
-we paid for WiFi, it's per a device but we just shared it (we couldn't both be connected at the same tkme). We just wanted to post pictures along the way and be in contact with our families. It was spotty at ports and in the rooms, and one whole afternoon barely worked at all. But upstairs in the common areas it worked decent. If you and your family have a Samsung device, use hangouts. You can text without needed data. Or you can use Facebook messenger.
-if you're unsure if you'll get sea sick do what our pharmacist suggested. Pack gravol and sea sick patches but don't use them. If you feel sick put on a patch, take a gravol and then take a nap. The gravol works basically right away but makes (most of) you sleepy. By time you wake up the patch should have kicked in. And it'll last like 3 days. We luckily weren't sick at all (although I've been experiencing slight vertigo since disembarking)
-if flying in, plan to arrive in the port city a day or more before sailing day. We were lucky on the way there and hit no delays. We did on our way home on what we thought was a clear travelling day and we both agreed how lucky we were it didn't happen on arrival. We decided even if it adds extra cost because of hotels, it's worth it not to risk missing your cruise. Oh and get travellers insurance! Trust me.
That's all I can think of for now. Hope my first experience can help you! :)
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Fantasy Springs Resort Casino - Be A CRO Program - YouTube Fun Weekend at Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino, Palm ... Culture Club at Fantasy Springs, Casino File #2802 - YouTube SonicTemple (Sun King) Fantasy Springs Casino - YouTube Jinny (吳若希) & Hubert (胡鴻鈞) Concert in Fantasy Springs ... Fantasy Springs Resort Casino - YouTube Fantasy Springs Casino & Hotel, Indio - YouTube NICE TIMBER WOLF WIN FANTASY SPRINGS CASINO - YouTube

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